Wednesday, February 23, 2011

That's Dinner Sorted!

It seems a bit light-hearted to write about dinner, while here in New Zealand we all seem to be in a state of shock and helplessness following yesterday's terrible earthquake in Christchurch. But to me, the shock of this earthquake has reinforced the importance of appreciating everything in life, no matter how small. Today for me that is the time spent with my daughter, hearing her squeals of delight as she found each vege in our garden and baking biscuits together.

Miss 3 and I have just picked this gorgeous basket of goodies from our very tiny vege patch. I managed to remove the basket from her clutches before she ate all the butter beans! So courgette stuffed with rice and veges is on the menu tonight. Yum.

With some yummy homemade bread - I think dinner is well and truly sorted.

We also made some double chocolate chip biscuits (wearing our matching spotty aprons!) - again most of the mixture survived to make it into the oven although quite a bit made it into her tummy.

Just what my new/old plate was waiting for don't you think?

The rest are now in my favourite biscuit tin. This tin has been dropped so many times by the children that it is covered in scratches, dings and dents but to me it just looks well loved. And talk about cheerful - I do so love dots!

Sometimes it takes a tragic event for us to put things into perspective and to realise just how lucky we are. Sadly the death toll from yesterday has risen to 75 according to the latest report with many people still missing, buried under collapsed buildings. I am struggling to write about it without crying - this is such a tragedy for our beautiful little country. My love and best wishes are with everyone in Christchurch. xx

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  1. The good, the bad and the ugly!

    Veggie's good!
    Chocolate...oh so bad, LOL!
    the earthquake is ugly!

    Thoughts and Prayers to everyone in your neck of the woods!
    Cheers to you and your family!


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