Monday, February 14, 2011

Just a quick note

Hello all, it's just a quick little post today to say thank you so much to everyone who has left such lovely comments recently. I'm fairly new to blog land and am so excited to receive any comments whatsoever! I am constantly blown away by the way we find our way to new blogs and the resulting inspiration. So thank you again for making me smile.

I have got a few projects on the go now and am flitting from one to another. But thankfully with both children back into their regular routines this week, I am able to grab a bit more time to crochet. I am making another flower topped tea cosy for a friend whose birthday is coming up, I have a granny square cushion part way done and this morning I started a shawl/scarf that I found on Ravelry which looks perfect for the upcoming winter months. I think I am going to have more scarves than anyone I know at this rate!

My dear friend Kylie from Blue Teacups asked me to make her a wee mat to go under her teapot and by fluke I had the exact same wool that she is using on her current tea cosy. So here is what I made, it's the front piece of a potholder from Crochet with Raymond. It's similar colours to the cushion I did recently but I love this so much more. I was going to back it like a pot holder but we decided it is probably fine to use as one layer.

I loved it so much I decided to use one I'd made a while ago and edge it to match my new tea cosy - the two look so cute together. This pink one was my first attempt at an African flower and I mucked it up completely but I still like it and couldn't bring myself to undo it. My darling Nana always used to say, "A blind man would be pleased to see it"!!

Right - my oven timer is beeping to remind me to go and knock down some lovely bread dough that is due for its final rise ready for our Valentine's Day dinner. It's actually the 14th here in NZ already but the post dates always show US dates (I think that's what it is!). So happy Valentine's Day to you all. Have a lovely week everyone!

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