Thursday, February 3, 2011

African Flower Cushion

This started life as my first proper attempt at an african flower potholder. But once I'd edged the last row I kept thinking how nice it would be just to keep going! So I undid the bobble edge and kept on going with rounds. And here it is.

I did have one major problem though - I can't find round cushion inserts or round cushions for that matter anywhere in Wellington!! I've even searched online in NZ to find some but nothing. So if anyone knows where to buy them, please please please let me know. So instead I bought a square cushion, unpicked it, unstuffed it, cut it into a circle, re-stuffed it and re-sewed it. Phew - what a mission. So my cushion is a bit lumpy and bumpy and not a perfect circle but hey - it's a delight to snuggle up against. I think this one is going to find it's way into my teeny tiny, very old Fiat 500 - it will look so cute in the back seat just waiting for a small person to snuggle it when we venture out for a drive.

Such a simple little stitch combo, but what a gorgeous difference it makes when finishing off the cushion.

So until I can track down round inserts, any cushions I make will have to be square! I have found some fabulous patterns for gorgeous granny squares that I'm bursting to try. They are in a book called "Bring Colour to Crochet - 64 multi-coloured squares" by Renate Kirkpatrick. It's a fabulous book - she has made a sampler blanket using a different pattern for every square. But I'll have to be patient as I'm determined to get cracking with my tea cozy as soon as poss.


  1. Hi Leah, i've just stumbled across your blog site, and i think its gorgeous, fantastic crochet and lovely use of colour, i shall be looking in on your blog from now on. Pixie x

  2. Well, that's a nice cushion! And I nice blog too :-) I must join your site right now! See ya


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