Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspiration and a bit of crochet recycling!

I didn't have to go far for a bit of inspiration today. I was wearing my current fave skirt which is amazingly colourful and realised I had wool in almost the exact shades. These are just a couple of the squares which will become a fabulous retro cushion. My mind is thinking too many projects ahead so I am going to have to get a wriggle on and finish some of my current projects - and try and not keep starting new ones!

This wee pink hat was the very, very first thing I ever crocheted. It was originally edged in lime green with three little flowers on the front. Miss 3 was going through my new crochet flower book and requested a new look for her favourite hat - hence the recycled crochet title. That's the beauty of crochet - you can easily change things by undoing a few rows - unlike knitting which (to me anyway) seems so much trickier. It's also fantastic to be able to add crochet rows to knitted hats as kids grow when they are particularly attached to certain items in their wardrobe! I had a few spare minutes while Miss 3 was at creche and quickly stitched the flower and leaves on and changed the edging to red. When she got home and saw it, she was adamant that it must be worn immediately - even though it is a very HOT 26+ degrees here today. Now that's crochet love huh.

Our tomato plants have finally started to ripen and they're all doing it at the same time so with an overwhelming amount of tomatoes I had a session in the kitchen whipping up this delicious arrabiata. It is a recipe from a woman I admire hugely, Wendyl Nissen who has a fabulous website (and weekly newsletter) about living like a nana, homemade lotions and potions and lots of natural alternatives. I adore her books and have made many changes in my life since reading them. I have been making my own soap for ages but with her recipes I have branched out and made lovely hand wash and air freshener.
I have just started making dinner using this arrabiata and it smells amazing. Along with some gorgeous homemade french bread - I think it will be gorgeous.

And just to end things today, I have to show you this very old but very pretty plate I found at my favourite op shop (charity store). It was only $8 which I thought was fantastic considering it's all gold and sparkly and gorgeous! I can't bring myself to put it away so it's living on my bench for now. I think it's screaming out for a batch of scones to be piled on top!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your retro cushion progress.
    Your hat is beautiful. xx

  2. The hat is gorgeous! Lovely colours!

    The sauce looks fab, would love to give that recipe a go and your plate....well....I am in plate heaven! he he!

    Have a lovely day!

    Vanessa xxxxxx

  3. Wow fabulous honey! I love that plate too. The recycling job is brilliant. Inspire me more please xxx


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