Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cushion Love!

It has taken far too long, but I have finally sewn the backs on to my gorgeous cushions!! I am so so so happy with the result. It really was worth waiting to find the perfect jersey to use as the backing - and I'll forever be grateful to my dear friend Ange for spotting the lovely merino jersey at our local op shop. $5 - great price, size XL - perfect size for chopping up!

It's just so nice to see them complete and not hanging around in my to-do pile. If I'm honest, the top cushion still has a few threads to darn in but I can do that at my leisure as know one else would know they were there!

Here's the back view. The waistband of the jersey made the perfect hem. A few rows of SC and a quick dig through my jar of vintage buttons and voila - a pretty back. I love the way this finishes it off so tidily.

Button love!

This one is my absolute favourite. There is something about this particular colour combo that really does it for me! I also really love that my laziness to join the squares in my usual way led to me playing around with different options before finally coming up with this one. Love, love, love it. I will definitely be using this joining stitch again. You can have a look on this previous post for instructions on how to do it.

This one is darn cute too though. The two of them together look lovely. Almost too nice to lie against. They certainly won't be allowed to be used in cushion throwing games by my small folk that's for sure!

I still have a lot of the same wool leftover so have started making winter hats now that we are slowly leaving our summer months. Miss 3 asked if I could make one in the same colour as her red one for her little friend Beth (you can find the pattern here). The flower is my first attempt out of a recent book purchase and I love it. One of my friends spotted this hat today and asked for a grown-up version for herself. The colour is so warm and toasty looking - I think I will need to make one for me too!

I made these cute little caramel tarts to take to a girly afternoon tea today. So glad I kept a few here, just what I need now with a nice cuppa.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Leah, the cushions are fantastic!
    I love the way the joining sticth becomes part of the design in the granny squares one, and the colours in both are beautiful!
    The backs are great too with the contrast edge crochet and bright buttons - they are just perfet!
    Love the beany hat too.
    Your caramel tarts look scrummy!
    have a great weekend!

  2. I'm totally drooling at your cushions AND the caramel tarts! Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Oh wow Leah, they are gorgeous!! I am so impressed. Your caramel tarts have inspired me too - I think I'll be baking tomorrow afternoon xxxx

  4. Those cushions are fantastic! And the hat is really cute!
    Esther (The Netherlands)

  5. Oh wow! Gorgeous cushions! How beautiful and delightful they are! Also love your beanie, very very cute!!!

  6. Hi Leah, really beautiful cushions, i am quite envious of your patients, and great hat also. And WOW, you have clocked up lots of followers thats brilliant, your blog is also looking really lovely. Hugs Pixie x

  7. That is the perfect backing for your cushions! Yes, you were right to wait until you found just the the right thing. They're absolutely beautiful. :)

  8. Wow Leah beautiful work! As for hats...I'm hooked on them, LOL! Thanks for the pattern link! Cheers!

  9. Such beautiful cushions! I think you're absolutely right about the colour combination. I'm off to check out that hat pattern now!
    Have a great day
    Sandra x

  10. Such beautiful covers and colors!! Love them both! I'd love to make something similar to the one with small granny squares. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Hi Leah,

    I am loving your webpage as I did your tutorial for teacosy as my first crocheting project and it worked really I spotted your amazing beanie with different crocheting styles. Is there a chance for another tutorial for this lovely beanie. I am more or less absolute beginner - just managed to finish second teacosy so feeling a bit advantoures plus it's nearly winter time again up here in Scotland so it would be really handy! Many thanks,Martina


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