Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love playing around with these mosaics - so here's just a quick little burst of colour to brighten up the day with some pics from the last week or so. It's a beautiful Wellington day today - sunny with just a little breeze to get the washing dried faster. And yet again, I have been busy with my hook making woolly hats. I always seem to pick the warmest days to work on winter projects! The two latest ones are on the bottom row, the red one is for Miss 3 with a matching one in cream for me. These were so very quick to make. The pattern can be adapted for all sizes which is fab - you can find it at McKinley's Closet. The amazing dahlia on the bottom right is from my father-in-law's wonderful garden. I think it is the most perfect flower I have ever seen.

The lovely old bowl in the middle row is a recent op shop find for $1.00! It is now our apple bowl and looks beautiful on the bench. The spotty and stripey mugs were purchased this week, they were so gorgeously cheerful I had to have them. Not to mention that they were hugely discount. I do love a good sale! I'm sure my tea tastes better in a cute mug too.

I am so looking forward to Friday when I can sew the back onto my cushion. I also have the small task of tidying up all those threads at the back. My least favourite part of crochet - but the resulting off cuts are adorable. And like many other folk, I have kept every single trimmed thread - my children call it the rainbow bag!


  1. Leah, you are a truly beautiful soul, thankyou so much for passing on an award to me, i really didnt expect to be getting awards so early in my blogging history, to be honest i really didn't think anyone was really reading it, so thankyou, thankyou, you will have to tell me what i am supposed to do seeing as i am new to all this, hugs and hugs Pixie. x

  2. Love your colourful mosaic Leah!
    Have fun with finishing the crochet cushion and topping up the rainbow bag!
    Forgot to say how nice it is to know a bit more about you - thats another good thing about these awards!And of course I get to discover more great new blogs via your fav blogs!
    Gill xx

  3. Hi leah, thankyou for getting back to me, i will take a glance at your award thingy and have a go myself, and see what i can come up with, thanks again, Pixie x


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