Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Garden Centre Inspiration!

It has been a stunning Wellington day today - beautiful blue skies with just a light breeze. It's so sad to think that we are on the official downhill run into Winter now - aargh. The evenings are getting darker earlier and the temperature is starting to drop. So I was determined to get outside and make the most of today. Miss 3 and I caught up with friends at our favourite garden centre cafe today - sitting outside in the sunshine having a yummy date scone and a cuppa. Wandering through the centre on the way to the playground I spotted some more gorgeous gerberas (my fave flower) and they got me totally inspired to use some more of my stash of wool to whip up another cushion cover which will go nicely with my other cushion that is still not 100% finished.

I know I should really be finishing one before I start another but there is a good reason why I haven't. I have been looking and looking for a suitable jersey/jumper to use as the backing fabric as mentioned in an earlier post. And bingo, today I found it! A fabulous bright orangey/red merino size XL for $5 at an opshop. It looks brand new and will provide me with enough fabric to back both cushions - yippee! So after a good wash, it is now on the washing line awaiting its transformation into cushion covers. So hopefully it will only be a few more days before I can show you!

Here's a sneaky peek at the granny square cushion so far - it's just leaning against the inner to show you. Love, love, love these colours together. It's weird because I've never ever been a pink girl! Definitely a red girl and even an orange girl - but am warming to pink ...

I do love a nice granny!

A bit of a wonky pic but you get the idea!
Friday is my next chance to get my sewing machine out and I can't wait! I'm terrible at starting new projects before the others are finished - so it will be wonderful to have both of these cushions done. I think it's just as well that I now have two of them - so my small folk won't have to fight over them - they can have one each to laze against.
Have a lovely week!


  1. Love the colours of the gerberas - so bright and cheery.
    It's so strange to think that you're heading into winter there whilst our spring is just starting, with summer to look forward too!So you'll soon be thinking about warm jumpers and hearty stews, whilst we'll (hopefully) be shedding the layers and enjoying a bit of sun at last!
    Love the cushion cover - in fact I have one extremely similar that I started last year, but without the paler pink - the design and other colours are about the same as i fancied reds and dark pinks together!!
    Glad you found a suitable jumper to bak it with - thats a good idea.Look forward to seeing the finished cushion.
    Enjoy the good weather
    Gill x

  2. Nothing beats a granny square, is my motto. ;) It's looking lovely!

  3. Hi Leah
    Thanks for your lovely comment - yes, I dont know where to start really, somnay things I want to make!
    Sounds like you're having a busy time with the tomatoes! How wonderful to have such a glut that you can make loads of chutney - you must have worked hard to achieve that many.
    Glad the weather is glorious for you - we are back to more traditional weather here today - dull, grey and cold, with rain threatening! I know where Id rather be right now - helping you in your kitchen with the chutney knowing there is SUNSHINE outside - enjoy it!!!!
    Gill xx

  4. Beautiful granny! I love those colors.


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