Friday, October 5, 2012

She's finished!

Yes, she is finished and I am truly in love with ripples!  The rhythm of this pattern was just what I needed.  It was a pleasure to pick up my hook each evening and do a few rows.  I finished this blanket a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance to do a post until now.  It's school holidays here at the moment and it is crazy busy.  But this morning Mr 8 (yes Mr 7 became Mr 8 on Tuesday - happy birthday gorgeous boy!!) and Miss 5 have friends here to play so I'm sneaking a few minutes on the computer.
I had to sneak a peek of my shoes into this pic - talk about colour co-ordinated shoes and crochet!  I had to replace those cute floral ones I bought recently as they were the most uncomfortable things I'd ever worn.  Cute - but painful!  Lesson learnt - sometimes a bargain is a bargain for a reason!!!  So on to a different brand and now my feet are happy.  Miss 5 got the same shoes too - which is easy when your mother buys her own shoes in the kids department - and she is loving being able to match her mum.  She has waaaay better style than me though!
My tea cosies are still keeping me busy too.  Lots of orders and a few extras to pop onto my wee online shop.  I have got so much of this wool to use up - I'm just glad that these rainbow stripes are so popular!!   I never get bored of making them - the pattern is now etched in my brain.   The one I have on the go at the moment is a plain blue which will be topped with flowers, then the next order is for a plain blue with hearts around the top like this one.   Just as well there is plenty of good telly on at the moment to plonk down in front of with my hook!
 Did I tell you that my wee girl used to ask me if I was making a jersey for the teapot?  Too cute.
I have been a very happy girl recently and have had a few days helping out in the Stitchbird shop.  It is impossible for me to leave that store without buying something!  I spotted this fat quarter of fabric and thought it was perfect to make a wee pin cushion.  To all you sewing pros out there - I apologise for my less than crisp corners!!  These are so much fun to make - I have had to make a few and give them to friends.  It was just the simple project I needed to get me motivated to sew again.  Now I have some sewing to do in preparation for our school fair.  Frogs and headbands!!

Oooh, oooh, oooh, do you remember that gorgeous little cafe I visit called Martha's?  There are a few pics of it here.  Well they have opened a new cafe just across the road from Martha's and it's called Arthur's!!

So where Martha's is all bright, white and girly, Arthur's is all dark wood, half pint water glasses and fry ups on the menu.  Instead of flowers on the table there are plants - just gorgeous.  I visited for the first time last week for a cuppa and it was stunning.  It's in an old 2 storey building at the top of Cuba Street and the main eating area is up a tiny staircase. 
Lots of old oak tea trolleys dotted about the place and antlers on the wall.  There were even a few crochet cushions on the chairs!
So it seemed a perfect coincidence that I had brought along a neutral crochet project to work on while I drank and ate (a beanie order) - as it went perfectly with my surroundings.  I can't wait to go back for a proper breakfast sometime soon.
Isn't this hilarious!  I popped into my husband's office last week and they have had these funny paintings done all around the place.  This giant mouse hole made me laugh.  Clever ay.

Want to see what I'll be working on tonight?

I have been looking for an old chair for ages so I squealed out loud when I spotted these two beauties in the Salvation Army store on Monday.  The upholstery is absolutely revolting but the wood and the springs are in excellent condition.  While they sit in my hallway waiting for me to work on them, Bella has decided that they are just perfect for her day long snoozes.  She flits from one to the other and is one very comfy cat. I am going to work on the wood myself then send them to a professional to replace all the foam and recover them.  As much as I'd love to do it - I think they are beyond my abilities. The hardest thing will be deciding what material to use!!  We also have a retro floor lamp and coffee table that we have our eye on - fingers crossed we win those online auctions.  We have cleared a space in our sunroom now that the children aren't playing in there so much and it will become a lovely, sunny reading spot.  Can't wait!!!  The best thing about them is that they are the perfect crochet chairs.  My short legs can touch the floor and my arms rest perfectly. 

Have a fab weekend everyone!  We are off to the WOW show tomorrow night and I am really looking forward to it.  I've only been once before and it was amazing.  It's soooooo cool.  There are some incredibly talented people on this planet.  Wellington is really buzzing at the moment with lots of out of town visitors and international tourists for this event.

See you again soon,


  1. Hi Leah, fabulous blanket, I long to own a ripple day I'll make one, maybe next winter. I laughed at the mousehole..I wonder if mouseprints will appear on the floor? I can't wait to see how the chairs evolve..should be good.

  2. I love your ripples! I just finished one too. I love how fast it goes!

  3. This is gorgeous!!! A colorful treat for the eyes, for sure!

  4. your ripple is beautiful! love the colors !

  5. Your ripple blanket is just beautiful and while I have been thinking about tea cosies for a while you may have inspired me to have a go! Isn't Arthur's a perfect name for a cafe across the road from Martha's?! I love it

  6. I love all the pretty colors -- haven't made a ripple yet. Your teapot cozies are sweet, too. Something else I haven't done though I have a white teapot just waiting for a jersey. :) My sewing skills aren't the greatest -- but I don't mind handsewing little projects like pillows and sachets. Hey, I figure if it is handmade, it doesn't have to be perfect. Right! It's the thought and love that went into the making that's most important. At least that's what I tell myself. I don't know what my friends think. ha! That cafe sounds like a wonderful place to visit. And those chairs are fantastic! I can wait to see them after the makeover. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  7. Love the ripple and bet your chairs are going to look fantastic reupholstered .

  8. Love the colours in your ripple blanket! Have a great weekend.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. So many cute makes! You have been very busy!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your chairs when you've finished working your magic on them...

  10. Oh honey, another one of your blogs which has brought sunshine into a dull grey London morning. I am working on a fun filled project but was struggling to get started this morning. But thanks to a Leah boost I am ready to go! Happy birthday wishes to Mr 8, little Miss and Mum both have great taste, can't wait to see what your gorgeous chairs look like after their facelift. Take care, T xxx

  11. That ripple afghan is stunning! Almost as stunning as those chairs... <3

  12. Lovely ripple blanket, the colours are gorgeous - well done for finishing! That pincushion is sweet too - the fabrics is very cosy cottage feeling.
    Loving the cute tea cosies too - no wonder they are popular!
    Looking forward to see the chairs transformed!
    Have a great weekend Leah
    Gill xx

  13. Love the ripply blanket! I just finished doing a pillow for my daughter ( a project of much smaller scale!) and I agree that the rhythm of the pattern is very soothing, almost meditative. And I love the tea cosy! Its been on my mind lately to make one. I've only made one so far, and that was a gift for my aunt. Looking at yours inspired me to get going on it!

  14. I love love love love love your ripple. The colours are gorgeous. I love to make a ripple. So much, it is therapeutic. xx

  15. your ripple is beautiful leah :) i love the colors...
    have a blessed weekend

  16. Your ripple is gorgeous....I can never tire of those rainbow colours either and lots of people are enjoying your leftover wool tea everyone's a winner!

    Frogs and hairbands are an odd combination!

    The chairs look inspiring, sounds like your new space is already planned pretty much....just ready for the sunshine!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  17. Leah, I am just getting caught up for some reason you have disappeared off my blog list! How horrible about your fall, gosh that must have hurt. glad you are home and love, love, love the blanket. The colors are amazing. You are so talented and that tea cozy is perfect.


  18. Hi Leah
    Lovely to see you again in blogland and what a full post!! Love your ripple blanket, so beautiful, and the tea cozy is divine!!! What a great find with the chairs. They'll look fabulous re-upholstered. Would be fun to pop into Arthurs (or Marthas) for a cuppa : -)

  19. OMGosh! I <3 your ripple. I so want to hook one! Your pink kicks are cute. Isn't it such a bummer when shoes aren't comfy. I still don't understand the fashion heels and uncomfortability thing.
    What cute fabric you found! I love how there's knitting in it. I have yet to see something like that here in the States.
    I love the whole concept of the girly and male coffee shops. What fun it is to stumble upon something like that. I went to a cute one yesterday.
    Your husband's office is a riot! How funny that mouse hole decor.
    Your teapot cozies are so dang adorable! Happy for you that ppl appreciate them and are ordering them up. I think I would have such a big smile upon my face if I owned a teapot adorned by such cute cozies.

  20. Goodness you have been busy hon! I dont know how you do it all :-) I adore the retro chairs you bought and just know that they are going to be gorgeous...especially in your fab sun room (what a perfect spot!). Cant wait to catch up and compare notes on what you thought of WOW - what an event! Take care sweetie, Becks xxx

  21. Beautiful blanket. Must go check out Arthur's. might be more amenable to dragging boys along.

  22. So much to admire here--your ripple blanket is completely amazing, all candy-colored. Love. I would love to have a beanie order--and I don't even know what that is--at Arthur's, which just looks divine. Good luck with your chair project--those look divine! :)

  23. Wow! I love tea!
    Io amo il tè, lo prendo ogni giorno, per me è un rito che non può mancare mai! Bellissimi lavori, bellissimo blog, quanti colori! E' un piacere aver trovato questo blog, che allegria!

  24. that is one awesome mousehole, your hubby's work must be an interesting place! love your blanket, I haven't done any crochet all winter so am hoping i haven't forgotten how as I do want to get back into it someday soon! Have a great weekend :)

  25. It's so true that those old chairs are perfect for those of us with short legs. I love sitting in a chair that fits me and makes me feel comfortable. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to cover them in.

  26. Hi Leah - your blanket is really pretty. I like the colours. I have two chairs and a settee just like the ones you bought. Last year my Mam was clearing out my Great Grandmother's house and my Nan's suite had been put in there since she died twenty years ago. Its still got the stretchy covers on it she loved so much. I am so excited to have it. They are more comfy than they look aren't they. What kind of fabric will you choose? Lily. xxx

  27. Hi Leah
    Hope you've had a good crafting week - I wonder if you''ve had a chance to fix up those chairs?
    Look forward to seeing them soon!
    Hope all well with you and yours, have a great weekend Leah
    Gill xx

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