Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to normal!

It's taken a wee while but I am now almost back to my old self.  Thank you so much for all your lovely wishes and butt jokes, they really cheered me up!!  So because I wasn't able to sit comfortably for such a long time, I was beyond bursting to get my crochet hook out again.  And I think I have more than made up for lost time.  I decided a quick project was just the thing to get me started, more on that a little later.  But then the overwhelming urge to do another ripple took over! 

This started out being called "The Leftovers Blanket" because I had quite a bit of Stylecraft leftover from my giant granny blanket.   As it has grown, it has taken on the prettier name of Rainbow Ripple Blanket.  At first I thought it looked a little bright, but it always amazes me how the whole look of a blanket can change depending on what colour you use in the next row.  It definitely provided some cheerful colour while we were having some horrible weather last week.  It is growing ridiculously fast and I will be finished it this weekend hopefully.  The best bit about making a ripple blanket is that there are only a few ends to weave in at the end - bliss!!!   

There is something quite addictive about these ripply stripes.  And every time I look at it, it reminds me of a blanket my Nana M had in her house when I was little.  Nice memories.  
I have also pulled out my African Flower Hexagon blanket that I started last year then got a bit tired of.  Before I started the ripple, I made a heap more of these little beauties. I'm not joining-as-I-go, so it's a little fiddly joining them all up, but I'm loving the result.  This one is a pure wool blanket and the weight of it is fantastic.  It's definitely going to be toasty warm.  It's still got a way to go but I'm aiming to have it finished for next Winter.
And last but not least in the crochet department, here's the quick project I mentioned.  I spotted one lone ball of wool at my local wool shop and I just loved the moody tones.  It is a King Cole Riot and the shades of silver and gray are beautiful. 

The pattern is called Spring Petals and you can find it here.  It was a lovely easy pattern and it worked up really quickly.  I had this finished in one evening.  I will definitely be making more of these!
I've been having a fab time on Pinterest lately and was fascinated with all the Mod Podge ideas I'd seen.  I saw a pin for some homemade equivalent so I had to give it a go.  We had some wooden coasters that had seen better days so they became my test item.  I used a spray adhesive to attach some pretty scrapbooking paper to each coaster, then used the Mod Podge to seal it - with several coats.  I've just used a spray acrylic sealer over the top so that they are more waterproof.  I absolutely LOVE them!   This is them before they got sealed.

I'm off now to decorate a birthday cake for my niece and nephew who turn 2 today!!  Happy birthday to you both, I can't wait to give you big birthday cuddles tomorrow!!

Then after that it will be time to boil the kettle, make a large cup of tea and do a few more rows of my blanket.  I should be doing the housework but the thought of it is just too boring in comparison!
Have a fabulous week - see you again soon.



  1. Beautiful projects, Leah! Glad you are feeling better :)

  2. Such pretty projects! I just finished a ripple blanket, but mine is done in rich fall colors.

  3. your ripple is just gorgeous! I'm very jealous I haven't made one yet!

  4. Am having trouble leaving a comment so hope this doesn't end up her multiple times!

    Do you have a link for the homemade modpodge on pinterest?

    Loving the grey scarf ...

  5. WOW WOW, so jealous of that colourful ripple. LOL Love love the African Flowers and gorgeous scarf. Thanks for the pattern. I've been looking for good scarf patterns to stash bust for Xmas gifts.

  6. Oh, I just love a good ripple blanket. There's something about the pattern that makes it soooo elaxing to do isn't it!! Can't wait to see the end result.

  7. i Leah, glad you're feeling so much better ... I'm so impressed with how much rippling you've got done in such a short time, mine has pretty much come to a halt since we came back from holiday :o( Just wondering what you do to sew in your ends, I have slip knotted the yarns together, then crocheted over the ends, I'm hoping its secure enough....

  8. Glad you're feeling better - and feeling like getting your crochet on again! :-)
    I love the rainbow ripples!
    Wishing you a great weekend.....

  9. Lovely ripple blanket. Very cheerful colours. xx

  10. your ripple blanket is beautiful...

  11. I can just imagine how that Rainbow Ripple would just be so enticing to crochet with all of those beautiful colours just sitting on your knees wanting to be admired and stroked...goodbye to housework!

  12. Your ripple is just amazing, love all the colors! I too have an unfinished African flower blanket hiding in the closet. I am ignoring it for now. I just started that same scarf pattern and it IS fast! Faster than my African flower blanket. I like it in the silver/gray yarn. Very pretty!

  13. Hello, my lovely!
    What beauties you have here- your rainbow ripple is looking gorgeous and I love your hexies too.
    And those coasters are a GENIUS idea- I've got some old ones I was just about to chuck out, but not anymore- I shall stash them away to be prettified just like yours.
    You gotta love Pintrest, haven't you?!!
    Have a super weekend, hon.

  14. Hello Lovely Leah i love the blanket it looks so comfortable
    and cosy and colorful i would love it !!!!
    I hope you have a happy weekend
    Ella xxxx

  15. Oh my goodness, what an amazing ripply blanket! I'm mad about it! You have such a wonderful way with color.

    Welcome back to blogland--I'm so glad your backside is on the mend!

  16. Hi Leah, Gorgeous Ripple!!! And I love your coasters. Mod Podge is a craft necessity in this house!!

  17. amazing :D

    Greetings from Poland :))

  18. Great to hear you are on the mend.
    That ripple blanket is looking wonderful Would you believe it I've never used the ripple pattern yet! I made up the little sample Lucy suggests in her pattern way back in 2011 meaning to start on something and it got tucked away as I got inundated with other makes. I really must get to it as it is such an easy pattern with great results.Your other blanket is sensational too....such a lovely combination of colours. Many thanks for the link I do need a scarf pattern as my daughter wants a scarf for this winter.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  19. What a fabulous ripple blanket hon! My favourite is still the hexagon blanket though - that is going to be simply stunning and oh so pretty!!! Take care gorgeous girl - catch up with you soon. Becks xxx

  20. I´m so happy to hear that you are feeling better! :)
    And you have started so many wonderful projects, wow! Your ripple blanket has put a huge smile on my face, it is so happy and cheerful. I love it!
    Sending you lots of hugs and kisses! xxBarbina

  21. Glad to hear you are on the mend Leah.
    Your ripple blanket is so bright and gorgeous!
    The squares you are working on are so pretty too, it will look lovely when its finished.
    Adore the scarf - you have been so busy!I must have ago at one, especially if it makes up fast and is ideal for the odd ball of wool.
    Love the coasters - what a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing all your crafty makes and giving us lots of inspiration!
    Gill xx

  22. Poor you! Glad you are feeling so much better, you've certainly been busy! I love your ripple it's gorgeous, the Lucy colours are just so pretty together.

    Your African flowers are lovely mum has been making some recently and looking at patterns with her made me want to give them a whirl too....gosh, not sure where I'll fit that in!

    The scarf is pretty, Ive been working with some king cole riot and I was impressed with the colours and softness of it, it seems to be pretty reasonable it easily available with you?

    Hope you have a good's for more crochet, less housework!

  23. So glad you're well on the mend Leah.
    Oh my these blankets are so gorgeous, really love the african flowers, dead pretty!!!
    Have a sweet week
    Lol Karen xx

  24. Hello! Just discovered your blog from cozy things and delighted to find you live in Wellington. Looking forward to working through your bright and cheery past posts.

  25. beautiful blog, and so colorful the way i like regards from brazil


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