Monday, October 29, 2012

In love with colour!

I know I have shown lots of pics of my tea cosies recently but I really can't get enough of them!  I have made so many lately that I can whip one up in about 30 minutes - the pattern is in my sidebar - then have them in a pile waiting to be topped with flowers or spots (my latest design - talk about cute!).  And it was a good excuse to play around with the photo mosaic!! 
These little spotty cosies were fun to make and look so cheerful.  It doesn't seem to matter how many I make out of this wool - the stash doesn't seem to get any smaller. 
But this wee blue cosy is one of my absolute favourites.  Sometimes a particular colour combination really hits the spot.  

In my last post I showed a picture of some gorgeous old chairs I'd found.  Well in the same week I managed to find a retro coffee table and this lovely little vinyl footstool for an absolute bargain (the table was the grand total of $2.50 on Trade Me!!) - both of which will go nicely with the 70's chairs.

But as much as I loved it in its original condition - it had a wee bit of damage and was screaming out for a makeover.  I had the perfect fabric in mind after spotting it in the shop a few weeks ago. 
The colours are gorgeous and I loved that it looks like I've painstakingly joined all these squares together!!   Big fat cheat!
Ta-da - now that looks more like it!  I know it sounds tragic, but this little footstool has made me so happy.  It's a burst of colour in a fairly plain room and it lifts my spirits whenever I walk by.  I had a ridiculously great time playing with upholstery pins and my hammer.  When it was finished, I wandered around the house with hammer in hand trying to find other things that could be covered!!
And best of all there was just enough fabric left to make two wee cushions.  I have been waiting for the perfect project to use some of my pretty trims on and this was it. 
You might have spotted the chairs already but here's a better shot of them.  We will have them reupholstered professionally in the future but it's pretty expensive so I will have to save up for it.  In the meantime I have bought new foam for the seats and backs.  Then I spotted an amazing fabric that was reduced from $100 per metre to only $10 per metre!  How is that for a bargain!  And it was reversible so I've done one chair in each colourway, one with a pink background, the other with a green background.  When I say "I've done them" I mean I've wrapped fabric around each chair and fastened it to see what it looks like and to convince my husband that it wasn't too girly!!  Now I have the challenge of stitching it in place.  I am really happy with the result and am quite happy to have them like this until they can be covered properly.  This new little sitting area has become a favourite spot for the whole family.  Before, it was a space covered in toys but they have been moved to the other end of the room.  The children love sitting here to read, Bella lounges in the sun most days and the grown ups grab a quick sit-down whenever they can!
Oh look - there's Bella soaking up some sun.  She moves from one chair to another depending on which looks the warmest at any given time.  What a hard life she has!!  Did I mention that these chairs are perfect crochet chairs?  Lots of room to move my arms but also just the right height to rest my elbows on while my hands are busy.  I'm really proud that we've found these lovely older pieces and given them a new lease of life.  When I worked on the woodwork of the chairs I found the original labels underneath them with 'August 1975' on them!  They're almost as old as me!
And now for something not so old .... I sold a few tea cosies last week so with my earnings I treated myself to this adorable sundress.  The first thing I did after taking this photo was unpick that crazy huge bow on the front!  It looks so much better without it.  It was made with a huge piece of fabric so now I'm thinking of what I can make with it instead.  Now I just need the temperature to improve a bit here so I can wear this little beauty.  I've decided that this summer I am going to wear dresses as often as possible.  I have found some lovely vintage dresses over the last few months at the op shops and I can't wait to start wearing them. Bring on the sunshine!!
Oooh almost forgot - in the height of my current fabric obsession I found a sweet little spotty fat quarter when I was working at the market the other week.  It matches some of the colours in my curtains perfectly and I knew it would make a perfect top for another footstool we had here.  This lime green footstool has been well used, the children jump off it constantly and it has taken an absolute hammering.  So it was time for a bit of prettification (is that a word?).
And here she is - I love it!  Don't you love how a piece of material and a hour or so on the sewing machine can transform something completely.  As with all my sewing - it is by no means perfect.  Probably something to do with the fact that I don't like measuring anything or using pins!!!  I have an idea in my head of what to do and I just go for it.  Sometimes it turns out - sometimes it's a disaster.  Thankfully this one worked out!!
And amongst all the pretty colours and girly projects it seems only right to pop this picture in from Mr 8's birthday party.  He had a Trash Pack party and for his birthday cake I made him lots of slime cakes.  It was so much fun to make cakes that are meant to look gross.  The boys thought these were great - they decided they looked like pooh and slime - and they were a total hit.   Hilarious.
I am yet again very behind in my blog reading so apologies if I haven't popped by recently.  I feel as if I'm constantly trying to keep up and failing miserably!  I can't wait to see what you've all been up to.

I hope you all have a fabulous week.  See you again soon. 



  1. Lovely echino fabric on that stool. Am having a burst at furniture re vamp at moment too. Check out - you might be tempted to reupholster the chairs yourself. I have done some like yours before and actually was pretty straight forward - great idea doing it with a friend as this blog suggests- shame I don't live your way - could have a reupholster party!

  2. Hi! I lOVE the tea cozies! I want to make them too as I've tried yet this type of accessories in crochet.your make over of the chairs is fabulous!great job :) have a great day ahead! Anna

  3. Oh Leah, your tea cozies are always so pretty ! Seeing them all together like that is a treat. I love how you transformed your room with the cushions and fabric. The echino fabric is fabulous, everything looks bright and cheery. Have a great week!

  4. Oh your tea cozies look adorable! I love seeing them in many cheerful colors! You did great job on the chair makeover! So much love the fabric! Very chic and professional! :)
    Hugs to you,

  5. Hi Leah, your tea cosies are wonderful. I can't decide which I like the best, probably because they look so good together! Your room is really being transformed..from dull to beautifull, one piece at a's looking good.

  6. You are a talented lady, look at all the beautiful things you've made...the cosies are fab and the blue and flowery one is perfect......the spotty ones with a White background would be very Emma Bridgewater.

    Love the footstool and new cushions, I think your sewing certainly looks good from here, but I know what you mean as my prepping leaves a little to be desired and sometimes things are brilliant and sometimes I wish I had prepped! I go through stages with my machine.

    Love th dress, very pretty, I always mean to wear dresses but end up in the same trousers all the time.

    Great boy cakes!

  7. The dress is pretty indeed; but I LOVE the cozies !! Especially the ones with roses on it. I'm hoping to make one one day....And we love the same car ! I owned an old one (blue with lots of chrome) but now I have a new one (white). Love it !
    greetings from far away: Holland.

  8. Damn gurl, you can upholster the crapola out of anything it seems! ;) The stool looks absolutely fabulous and very professional! :)

  9. Oh my goodness!! You HAVE been a busy bee! The tea cosies are gorgeous, and that stool is amazing!!! What fantastic fabric!

  10. Another ray of sunshine blog, on a gloomy London day. Loving all your projects! Your new room is looking adorable, and I can see why you stop to gaze and enjoy.
    T x

  11. Love the footstools! Both of them! In fact, can't decide which I love more :) You've made them both soooo pretty!
    Karen x

  12. Your tea cosies are so beautiful!! I love them so much. My aunt brought me a tea pot last week and I can´t wait to try your pattern now. I just have to decide which colour I will use???? Your sewing is amazing, I wish I could this too.
    Have a great week Leah!!

  13. Wow, you've been busy! I have a pea-green vinyl footstool in need of the same treatment, and now you've given me a renewed burst of energy regarding that project. Must cover everything in patchwork! Well done with the fab chairs, too--they look 100% better with new coats. :)

  14. Wow Leah so much creativity, I love everything you made.
    The teacosies are amazing, you clever girl :)
    Wow, wow...........great post.
    Have a sweet week Karen x

  15. You have such a lovely blog. I adore your tea cosies! And your makeovers are amazing! New follower.........

  16. love the tea cosies, they are fantastic - and your blog is gorgeous :)

  17. HI Leah, what type of yarn do you use for your cosies? I am new to crochet and am still trying to get my head around the different types, cost verses texture etc. Would love to hear your opinion. Thanks Kylee

  18. Hey Leah, I have got to make up some of those teapot cozies. At Ikea the white teapots are rather inexpensive, so I could buy a bunch and crochet cozies then give as gifts for Christmas with assorted teas and such. Such a lovely idea! And I do love the makeover on your chairs and stools. Quite effective, cheery, bright and colorful. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend. Tammy

  19. So much to feast my eyes on! Love the tea cosies. They are bright and beautiful.
    From one kiwi to another, great to meet you via the blog world.

  20. Gosh! You've been busy busy and busy! Just look at those gorgeous tea cosies you are going to earn the name Queen of the tea cosies I think :-)
    I absolutely love the combination of colours and patterns so artfully used as a makeover on the stool and cushions to match. I did try my hand at upholstery once....what a mess!
    The sun dress is smashing and yessss the bow would have to go for me too, however the fabric great....tropical!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  21. Beautiful and cute tea cozies :) the colours are cheerful and the cushions are great too !:)

  22. What a happy, cheery post to read!
    I love all your tea cosies- I think you are a professional tea-cosy-maker these days!
    And your fabric- covering make-overs are really fab- you must be so pleased with the results.
    Have a fab week, hon!
    PS love those slime cakes too!

  23. Hello!

    Im impressed by your blog. Its wonderful.

    Please contact me back, for following, I love to crochet too!

  24. Dear Leah
    Thank you for your lovely comment
    I am glad you did
    Love Ella xxx

  25. Hi Ella I've just stumbled across your blog and absolutely love your projects. I too love to crochet and those teacosies would make brilliant presents matched up with a cute teapot and some home made cookies. I look forward to seeing some more in 2013 x

  26. Hi There,
    Finally it is nice to find another Kiwi crocheter/crafter/baker! I just found your blog today and have enjoyed reading about all your crafty endeavours. I think it has to be a new favourite blog. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more.


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