Monday, August 1, 2011

Ah - peace at last.

Happy 1st of August! It is the first day of term and both my small folk are back at school and kindy. I cannot believe how peaceful it is after two weeks of full volume! All I can hear is the birds in the garden - bliss. So I feel as if I should being going at full speed trying to catch up on all the things that have been neglected over the last fortnight but I just don't know where to start. I think a cup of tea and a quick look at some lovely blogs is called for before I start on the boring chores!

My blanket is progressing well - I think another three rounds and I'll stop. These delicious circles will form part of the border. I am so in love with this colour combination!! I usually complete the whole square before starting the next, but I just couldn't bring myself to edge them in white just yet - I wanted to see them in a lovely wee stack first. I am dreading tying in all the threads - my least favourite thing. I am using Alice's fabulous pattern and it is exactly what I had in mind. Now I just have to decide on the second colour combination to go with these little lovelies. Then I can start the white borders and get them attached to the main blanket.

A friend of mine needed a new hat for her daughter so I told her to pop over and less Miss 6 choose what colours she wanted. It was brilliant having all my wool out on shelves now - it was like being in a shop! Miss 6 browsed, selected, changed her mind, then firmly decided on "red with purple on the bottom, a pink and purple flower and leaves please". I think she chose so well - it's by far the prettiest colour combo I've used on a hat.

On Friday, the whole family had a day trip to celebrate the last day of the school holidays. Mr 6 is mad about trains and had always wanted to go on a train pulled by a diesel engine, rather than the electric ones that we normally go on. So my husband took the wee ones on the train over the hill to Greytown which is in the Wairarapa - about an hour away from our home. I drove over as the return times for the train were going to be too late for us. Just as well I was there to collect them, because it turns out that the Woodside/Greytown train station is way out in the middle of the country with not a bus, taxi or even a person in sight! Hilarious. It was the tiniest little station and absolutely gorgeous!! We had a lovely time wandering around the town and having a yummy morning tea before heading home in the afternoon.

Wow - on Friday night we had the most amazing sunset. The sky was absolutely stunning! It had been such a wonderful crisp Winter's day and this was just the most perfect way to end it.

I am sitting here at my table with a vase (well actually a lovely old milk bottle) full of Early Cheer. I think these flowers would have to be one of my favourite smells ever. The scent is just lovely and every time I walk past I get a wee burst of gorgeousness. At the vege market yesterday morning, these were everywhere and so very cheap - $2 for a lovely big bunch. I think our seasons are a bit screwy as these are meant to be out in Spring!!

Before I go I just wanted to say a big hello to my lovely new followers! I can't wait to pop over and have a look at your blogs. I am definitely in catch up mode but will get back into my usual routine now. Oh and after my grizzle last week about the gifts on Mollie Makes, apparently from Issue 4 the gifts will be included - yay.

Have a fab week everyone!


  1. OMG Leah...I love the colors in your blanket! I can't wait to see the FO. Plus the hat is adorable. Your little friend knew exactly what she wanted.
    Great Job! Cheers! ~M

  2. those colours look awesome together for your blanket edging! Fabulously vibrant! And wowee, that sunset, you had a MUCH better view from your place! But I got the top of it in from my hill and I can see in your photo the bit I have blogged... does that make sense? I'm still crazy with my cold ha ha
    Love the hat too, nice colour choices and she will look so sweet in it
    Have a happy beginning to your peaceful week!

  3. Wow! The colors you're choosing for the blanket looks fab! I love them so! The hat is so cute, cheerful colors! Beautiful work!
    All the best,
    Lovestitch, x

  4. merhaba, harika örgüler için tebrik ediyorum sizi..

  5. Wowsers!- that sunset is amazing!
    Lovely little crochet treats here, too. Such a cute hat!

  6. Hi Leah! Just found your blog through Cozy Things. Love how your Granny blanket is turning out. I'll be back to visit again!

  7. Love, love, love the hat so much!
    If only I had a girl! hahaha
    Thanks for your lovely comment too.
    Sorry I have been bad recently catching up with checking out other peoples blogs.
    Just reminded me, I haven't had my molly makes in the post yet!
    take care for now,

  8. Amazing sunset, wow oh wow its beautiful!!!!
    Please oh please post a tutorial for the lil hat, have tried them but they come out sooooooo bad, def not like yours, crying out for some instruction on HATS :D
    LOL Karen X

  9. My absolute favourite bulbs , sensation fragrance ! Love your cheery blog , now following xx Ava

  10. Colours certainly can make a day :))

  11. So glad to have happened by your blog today. So much lovely crochet inspiration here! Immediately became a follower and added your link to my crochet blog roll. Looking forward to visiting again soon ;-)

  12. Wow Leah! we have the same colors in our mandalas!!! So beautiful and I love the blanket that you made too (in your later post). Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

  13. Olá adorei seu blog amo artesanato venha conhecer o meu blog abraço e sucesso


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