Monday, July 25, 2011

My Crafty Corner!

The weather here has been really cold over the last week so it's been lovely working on a blanket which keeps me warm while I work! I'm not quite sure how big to make it but I think I will stop pretty soon. I love the white between the rows, it makes it look so bright and crisp.

The plan is to have one giant granny square then edge it in lots of smaller squares. I'm just starting to have a play with different designs before I decide which one to use. This is my fave so far. I will whip up a few more using different colours today to get more of a feel for how it will look.

I've always said that one day I'd love to make space to have all my crafty bits and pieces on display to keep me inspired, instead of tucked away in various boxes around the house. Well last week it all started to happen. So after some fun with flat packs and a screwdriver, my little crafty corner started to come to life! I have taken over part of our spare room and I love it! This room is desperate for a coat of paint, as we haven't done anything to it since we moved in a few years ago. I have bought the paint and can't wait to get it done, then I can change the curtains, put a new duvet cover on the bed etc. But in the meantime I have set up my wee area and I am so very pleased with it.

It's so nice to see all the colourful wool and other bits and bobs that I love so much. What you can't see is the other baskets behind the table that are full of more wool. Yikes! That's one thing about putting it all in one place - you realise you have quite a lot!! And yet I still found myself at a local store who had 30% off all wool on Saturday - so of course I had to buy more. The wool I used on my Queen Anne's Lace scarf was just so lovely to work with, I bought some more of it. I even bought the exact same colour because I loved it so much. This time, I am going to make a cowl with it. I figure it's not too much of a problem having two scarves in the same yarn - they'll look totally different as one is long and delicate and the other will be short and chunky.

It has been a fab week at the op shops too! I got this beautiful embroidered doily which is just so gorgeous and for only $2. I also bought two fabulous dresses and a pretty cardi - for just over $20 all up which is amazing. One of the dresses is a fabulous red/purple/orange coloured sundress which seems hilarious today when it's only about 3 degrees outside. But it will be just the thing for my holiday in the sun which is coming up soon. More about that later!

I had a phone call from a fabulous magazine store here in Wellington to say that they had got Mollie Makes in and that there was a copy waiting for me. When I called them months ago to see if they could get it in, they hadn't even heard of it. So it was brilliant that they were able to stock it. I was beside myself with excitement to get my hands on Issue 1!!!! It is truly beautiful - every page is just so colourful and inspiring. I am absolutely in love with it. Because I wasn't sure if we would get the magazine here in NZ, I had treated myself to a UK subscription. So it was with huge disappointment when Issue 3 arrived today and it didn't include the cover gift. Boo!!! Nowhere on their website did it say that subscribers wouldn't get the gift. Grrrrr. False advertising if you ask me. I will do my best to cancel the subscription as I hate feeling ripped off. Has anyone else had this problem?

So the perfect thing to have while curled up with my favourite magazine and a large cup of tea is something sweet and a little bit naughty. I made this recipe up a few years ago and friends always joked that in times of stress, out come the Moro Muffins. Moro is a popular choccie bar here in NZ. My small folk call them volcano muffins as the chocolate/caramel inside is like lava!

You could use any chocolate muffin recipe, and then just pop a piece of cut up chocolate bar on the top. I think the closest thing to a Moro bar is a Mars bar or even a Snickers. It will sink down during the baking and be gooey and gorgeous. They are delicious eaten warm out of the oven, or warmed in the microwave later on.

Although I have no problem eating them just as they are, because the caramel has gone hard and chewy. Divine!!

We also made an army of small gingerbread men. They look so hilarious all lined up on the cake rack. A little treat for all the playdates we've been having over the holiday break. Always a winner!

Well that's enough of my ramblings. It's been a great week even if it is freezing. We're in the last week of the school holidays and have lots planned to keep small people busy.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!


  1. your crafty space is just gorgeous!
    I hope the magazine makes up for the missing out your gift

  2. Gorgeous hon! I love love love your crafty space and the blanket looks amazing. You know how much I love those Moro Muffins so I am drooling looking at those photos.

  3. Your crafty space looks very pretty!!Good idea on giving little granny squares for a border!!

  4. Wowee, Leah, what a packed post! Love the crochet - having the white in between the colours is just beautiful. And your crafty corner... so jealous! How lovely to be able to have your yarn out to see like that :)
    I'm loving the Mollie Makes magazine too, and I can understand that it would be annoying if you didn't see any warning you'd not get the gift. But to be honest, in my opinion, it's nothing to fret about missing - just a little bit of felt - the instructions are inside the mag anyway. If I was them I wouldn't bother with the gift. The magazine is the good bit.
    Jane x

  5. I have yarn and craft supplies in baskets, cupboards, drawers, dressers ... all over the place! Would be nice to have a space to gather it all in. Our craft store is having a sale right now, too ... think I will be heading over there for more yarn as I want to do a giant granny and don't have the colors I want even though I have tons and tons of yarn. :/ looks like you had a busy and productive week. The chocolate muffins look yummy and the gingerbread men so sweet. A friend is in the States right now and is looking for Mollie Makes for me. I've heard it is hard to get your hands on though. Well, it's Monday and a new week .. or is it Sunday? I'm so confused! Have a good one. Tammy

  6. Your gingerbread army has made me HAPPYYYYYYY!

    I have the cover gifts. Would you like mine? To be honest the felt is really poor quality so you are probably better off using nicer stuff and the templtes in the magazine. Mine is in a bag waiting to go to charity 'op' shop but I'll post it to you if you like?


  7. Thank you Jane and Cuckoo - you've made me feel so much better! Good to know I'm not missing out on anything fantastic. I will stop being grumpy now and sit back and enjoy my magazines. I really think it's the most pretty publication I've ever seen - and I've seen a lot in my previous life as a advertising gal. Thanks again for cheering me up!!!

  8. your plankit is soooooo great.I like the colors and de big big

    hugs Conny

  9. ...AND YOU HAVE THE FIRST ISSUE OF MOLLIE MAKES...EVEN I COULDNT GET MY HANDS ON THAT ONE....YOU ARE JUST SOOOOOOOO LUCKY, envious envious envious.......the crocheted apples covers are lovely though arn't they? ;)
    And Leah i think your craft corner is really really pretty, i love the wool on display, i must do that with mine, a really yummy post, especially with the wee gingerbread men, you have inspired me a lot, i now want to make gingerbread men too and sort my wool stash out.
    And the blanket is just devine too, i agree that the white makes it bright and sparkly, how's the hexagons coming along by the way? or like me are you taking a break from big projects to do more 'quickie fix' ones.
    Lovely post Leah love and hugs Pixie x

  10. Hi Leah, Thanks for popping by. I LURVE your granny blanket! I'm off for a look back through your blog - nice to meet you.
    Huge slap on the back for putting the shelf unit toghether.
    I've seen Mollie Makes on a few blogs now and really must try and locate one.
    Happy Wednesday.

  11. Hi there Leah....and what a truly lovley person you are to offer to get me a copy of the first 'mollie makes' mag, that was so so kind of you...i was quite touched....but..really its ok..i am hoping that some time soon the first one may make another appearance here at some stage, i have seen it on ebay..though people seem to be bidding very high amounts for it...i am a patient person (well try to be) and i shall wait my thank you my sweetness for making such a lovley truly made my day with your kindness....
    Love and hugs Pixie x

  12. Wow Laeh, you have been very busy!
    Love the blanket,its looking so pretty with the white, and will great witht he small granny squares to edge.
    Your craft corner looks great! Its so nice to see what you have and have space to work in an organised fashion!
    havent yet seen Moliie makes but every one is raving about it - thats so mean not to include the free gift, can understand you feeling cheated.
    Great charity shop finds!And those muffins look to die for!
    Keep warm!
    Gill xx

  13. Leah, your crafty space is fantastic! Well done, carving out a space for the things you love most. Enjoy! And thanks for the delicious photos of those caramelly muffins--I could almost smell the chocolate goodness! :)

  14. Leah your blanket is sooooo beautiful, such a cheery post, made me so happy reading it & looking at the pics, thanks :D
    Karen Xxx


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