Monday, August 15, 2011

Brrrrrr! Hey what is this white stuff?

It was so cold and gloomy here over the weekend so to add a bit of brightness to my day I made this gorgeous wee cosy for my oh-so-little teapot. And it has done the trick - just looking at it makes me feel a million times happier. Is it just me or does tea taste better when it's out of a pretty pot with a cosy? In the morning I am usually rushing so I just throw a teabag into a mug and drink it while standing making school lunches. But there is something about actually sitting down and enjoying a quiet cuppa - ah bliss. So that is what I am doing right now, typing away happily and grinning at my cheerful wee teapot!!

I wanted to add something to the top of it but didn't want to do flowers again so this time it was hearts. I had a gorgeous little heart button to use on the bottom of the cosy so it seemed a perfect choice. As much as I love my 'flat top' tea cosies, I really love adding things for a bit of fun. I love the way it has turned out.

So it seemed only right to enjoy a piece of yummy chocolate slice at the same time! I was only told about this recipe yesterday morning and had to rush home and give it a go. I kind of wish I hadn't now - it's too hard to stop eating!!!

I also made this absolutely delicious banana bread. Oh wow - this was a total hit. We ate half of it within 10 minutes of it being out of the oven, warm with butter. Somebody stop me!!!!!

I told you that it had been cold here... now we usually get down to about 4-5 degrees Celsius on a very bad day. But yesterday it actually snowed!! It hasn't snowed in Wellington for decades and they are saying this could be a once in a life time experience. Well - I was like a kid at Christmas - it was so exciting. We ran outside and made small snowballs and had a fabulous time! One 'snowman' ice sculpture later and we were all very happy to come back inside to get warm! The snowflakes on our skylight window were beautiful. It is forecast to snow again today, but sitting here right now with the sun coming in the window it's hard to believe. The flowers are from my small folk who picked them at their grandparents house and brought them home especially for me. Very special.

I hope you all have a lovely week.
Take care.



  1. oh I shouldn't have clicked here. I'm having a cuppa and resisted having something sweet with it, but now I see all your baking I'm weekening!
    Your teapot is beautiful. You have reminded me that I still have my coffee cosy to embellish.
    I know what you mean about sitting down for a cuppa. My first cup is spent standing whilst making school lunches too!

  2. Love, love, love this cozy. Is it your own design. You should sell it. I would buy the right price of course. I saw your little bear on ravelry and will be doing that one for an applique I'm sure. Have a great day.

  3. Oh love that cozy, very snowy down south here , might be time for baking now we've made snowmen.

  4. Such a cute cozy!!!So pretty and cheerful. Love it!!

  5. Oh my goodness, your tea cozy is divine! Of course it'll cheer you up it's do fun and happy. I love it. I hope you have the greatest week.

  6. Thank you Hillery! Yes it is my own design. I made it up as I went along but will try and write it out and pop it in my next post. It was really fun and fairly simple to make!

  7. It is a very happy and cute cozy! I agree, they make tea much nicer to drink, infused with colourful goodness!
    Isn't it freezing? I tried to get home quickly from town today but it's a bit harder when the busses aren't running!
    Keep warm XXX

  8. I love your tea cosy, it's adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I cant believe you had snow!!

  9. Ooooo lovey, what a gorgeous little tea cosy- after making those cup cosies, making one of these is next(ish) on my list!!
    Enjoy your snow!

  10. Oh LOVE, LOVE, LOVe the cosy! I have been itching to make a tea and a cafetiere cosy for the autumn months ahead, but have promised myself I have to get some WIP's finished first. Seeing yours makes it so tempting though!

    Wow snow! We had such heavy snow at the beginning of the year it was hard to open our doors. That was new here for us in the south of the UK but was fun.........for like a day, then it got irritating! ha ha! The poor weather can never win!

    Enjoy the snow!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Wow sounds strange you guys having snow, i forget of course the seasons are opposite to us. The tea cosy is way too gorgeous, enjoy lots of tea & snow & coziness
    LOL Karen X

  12. Your tea cozy is beautiful !!!! I love it


  13. Wow snow in Wellington - bet that has been a shock to the natives! I lived in NZ for just over 4 years & remember finding it amazing that anyone was ever cold after growing up in the UK. That was in Auckland - when we moved to Wellington for the last year I complained about the cold having grown Auckland soft! Don't remember ever seeing frost though let alone snow...
    LOVE, love your tea cosy. Am mid way through a cafetiere cosy at the moment which will make the tea pot look very bare. Hope you write yours up it is beautiful x

  14. What a great post!! I love the tea cosy it's just so cute. The banana bread looks very yummy & snow, how cool, lol. We had a few days here last month, Melbourne, where I wouldn't have been surprised if it had snowed, tho it never does.

  15. What a beautful teapot! Tea probably longer retains its heat, and pour into cups from a beautiful teapot - a pleasure!

  16. Love your tea cozy! The hearts are just perfect on top! Now I want to make one, but I need some of your snow first. It's too stinking hot here to drink anything but iced tea right now. Have a great week!

  17. Yes.. tea definatly does taste better from a pretty teapot and cozie...and that is a really pretty tea cozie..xx

  18. Great blog with some very pretty things... Your teapot is charming... I'll probably do one myself someday...
    Hug from Portugal

  19. The cozy is so cute. I love the tiny hearts in it.

  20. ooo gorgeous teacosy.Yes tea tastes better when poured out from a beautiful teapot.


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