Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crafty bliss!

After a fairly wild week of snowy weather, it was nice to finally get out and about and hit the shops for a treat. I have been wanting to visit an emporium in a nearby city for a while so a friend and I jumped in the car and managed to escape most of the rain storms on the way. I didn't really know what to expect so I was hugely pleased when I spotted all the crafty bits and pieces! I bought some fab wooden buttons - but I could really have gone crazy buying loads more. Next time perhaps ...

The wall of buttons was tucked away around a corner, so when I discovered it I think I might have actually squealed out loud!! So many choices, in every colour imaginable. Then there was the ribbon wall ...

And just when I thought I'd seen enough buttons, I turn another corner and there's another wall of them. This time it was all the kids buttons and more decorative bits and bobs. Amazing!

This is a closer up look at the ones I bought on this trip. The tulip ones are destined for a lovely green cardi I have. The buttons on it are perfectly fine already, but these will look even better. The other ones will wait for another project I have in mind.

Another treat I bought earlier in the week was this pretty bangle. It's bright, glittery and covered in roses. I love it! I've worn it every day this week - because the weather has been so gloomy - I've needed as much colour on me and around me as possible. I also had some fantastic op shops finds this week but I completely forgot to take pics of them. A gorgeous light grey merino cardi, a silk skirt (amazing!) and a fab wrap top. Talk about fab bargains!! I will pop them on my next post!

I just had to pop this pic in to end with as my back garden turned white during the week. I know you lovely folk who live with snow year in year out will think this is quite a piddly little snowfall but for us here in Wellington - it was substantial and we're all still talking about it! It was exciting for my small folk and quite a novelty for us bigger folk too!

Big news this week in our household - Mr 6 lost his very first tooth! The tooth fairy has visited and he is still carrying his $2 coin around that she left him. I'm loving the slightly different way some of his words sound through the new gap. Gorgeous!

I was absent minded and posted without adding a note about my good luck this week! I was the lucky winner of a fab giveaway here! I am so hugely grateful to LeeAnn - it really made my week!

I will be a bit late with my usual post next week. I will explain why in my next instalment! So until then, I hope you all have a fabulous week!



  1. where is this emporium! I want to go and squeal at the buttons!!!

  2. Those buttons and your bangle are so very pretty. I definitely crave color since I live in a desert country that is drab most of the year. How fun that you had a bit of snow. Just enough to enjoy and not so much that it causes problems. Hope your weekend is great. Tammy

  3. Oooooohhhh I love them! I keep forgetting about our local emporium for buttons - I must head there this week. Love the bangle too xxxxx

  4. Oooh, it looks amazing. Where is it? I want to go too! :)

  5. Love those buttons, my mom just brought some this week!
    Love snow too, always exciting, but doubly exciting for you!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments. I also will be having few days off soon. My 6 year old wanted to keep his tooth when it came out so left a note saying can he keep it! A hoarder already like his mother! haaha.
    have a great weekend.
    Becca xxx

  6. Hi Leah!
    Snow!!! Brr!! But exciting for the kids!
    Love those pretty buttons, it looks a great shop!
    Time for the tooth fairy then - how exciting for your son!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I have a few of your posts to catch up with here as Ive been away and not blog hopping for a while.
    Gill xx

  7. Button-lovers' heaven! What a lovely place.
    When my sone's first tooth came out, he lost it, and he wrote a lovely letter to the tooth fairy to explain :) Happy days
    Jane x

  8. Oh my goodness! I am so jealous! Wish I had this store close to me ;-)

  9. What a fabulous emporium, its a shame im on the other side of the world.xx..

  10. Ohmegosh!!
    An emporium of such loveliness.
    Lucky, lucky you.
    (and yes, I would have squealed in delight too)
    Loving those wooden buttons too- very cute.

  11. Lovely buttons! Looks like the kind of place that would make me squeal, too. :)

  12. That craft shop looks a lovely place to wander and dream.........pretty blog.


  13. Hi guys - too those lovely local folk who have wanted to know where this emporium is ... it's Pete's Emporium in Parumoana Street, Porirua. Happy shopping!!


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