Thursday, January 12, 2012

Phew - Nearly There!!

Wow, I can't believe it's almost mid-January already! I hope the New Year is treating you all well. It has been so busy here, I've had hardly any time to sit down at the computer so I was determined to do it today. I'm looking forward to visiting all my fave blogs really soon for some new year inspiration. My ripple picnic blanket is almost done - yippee! I think another two colours and we'll call it a day. My small folk are bursting to take it on its inaugural picnic outing. So I'm thinking that the next sunny evening we have, we'll pack up my tiny Fiat, grab some fish and chips and slowly tootle to the top of our local 'mountain' for dinner. Dinner with a view over Wellington city - gorgeous!

Oh and of course no photo session would be complete without Bella! I don't know how she does it but she always miraculously appears as soon as I put my crochet on the floor. Don't you love the attitude in this pic!!

As much as I don't particularly like the colours I had left in this wool, it has been a really lovely easy pattern to work on. It does make me laugh though - this project was started with the intention of using up all these colours and clearing out one wool basket . So why is it that I'm nearly finished and the wool doesn't look like it's diminished much at all. Darn it.

The sun came out this morning so I whizzed the small folk off to a central city playground. I've never been there before and it was gorgeous. Our own little Central Park! Unfortunately the rain that was forecast for later tonight decided to come way too soon and we all got totally drenched. I'm kind of glad really because it meant we got to visit a nearby cafe instead which was just lovely.

I think the staff thought I was mad, wandering around taking photos of their chairs! How could I not take pictures, they were soooooo pretty.

Mmmmm flowers or stripes ...... where to sit?

I loved the decorative dangly curtain thingamee. What a brilliant way to use up lots of trinkets. Miss 4 would love this in her room.

Even the lampshades were fabulous. These ones were in the ladies loo!

This was my fave - there were a few of them above the front door. I couldn't take my eyes off them.

I know this isn't nearly as groovy as the ones at the cafe but I'm loving them. I re-covered our dining chairs last week using some very summery, beachy fabric and they look fabulous. A very welcome splash of colour - every bit helps.

The holiday break gave us a chance to have a bit of a change around at home. Out with some old furniture and in with some new 'old' furniture. I bought this gorgeous old oak tea trolley ages ago for only $20 and it has been hidden away in our spare room for too long. It is now in the lounge and I adore it. I love that this really old piece now houses some lovely nana-y flowers in an old jar (and sitting on a doily!!!), while underneath is a more modern gadget. Loving it.

We were also really lucky to find this amazing old, solid Rimu hutch dresser. It is in amazing condition and will be well loved in its new home. We used to have something like this in our last home but it was built in, so we couldn't bring it with us. This cabinet was an absolute nightmare to get into our front door (we managed to smash through the porch floorboards in the process - eeek) but once it was in, it was as if it was made for our room. So this week it has been so much fun sorting through all our op shop treasures and trinkets to start popping on the shelves. I find myself staring at it in the evening - I'm so thrilled that we found it.

I found a recipe recently for this fantastic quiche. This was a total hit at a family picnic last week. The most perfect thing to make when you want to use up any manner of things in your fridge. And any recipe that is made in one bowl and takes 5 minutes has got to be good doesn't it? Even my husband loved it and he's not really into eggy things. Just looking at it now is making me hungry!! Oooh, maybe we need one for dinner ...

Have a fab week everyone. See you again soon.



  1. Leah you have an eye for all things gorgeous! I love the wave blanket (and that picnic sounds fab), your new hutch is just gorgeous and will look beautiful with all your treasures on it. But what made me smile the most was the photos from the cafe - they are wonderful! I have never been to central park either (oh the shame!). Oh and I cant forget dear Bella - that is one groovy cat! Becks xxx

  2. Love your ripple blanket! I bet it the kids will be fighting over it. I don't blame you for taking pictures in the cafe. I would have wanted to bring those chairs home with me! Have fun decorating your new hutch :)

  3. that blanket looks amazing and so does that cafe!

  4. Wow Leah this is some post, love, love, love your blanket, i think the colors are great!
    That cafe looks so nice, fab chairs mmmmm.
    A friend brought me to a really sweet tea rooms last week in a wee village not far from us, sooo lovely & vintagey, i love cute cafe's.
    As for that yummy looking quiche, oh boy, quiche is one of my fav eats, hope you all enjoyed.
    Have a sweet weekend hon
    Lots of love Karen xxxxx

  5. Love, love, love the blanket, wow, so amazing and colourful, Think I will need one of those!
    Love the coffee shop too, so cute and inspiring.
    I so take photos of every coffee shop I go in too!
    Well done on furniture pieces. I love them. Thanks for visiting me.
    Have a great day.
    Becca xxx

  6. Your ripple looks amazing, Love your colours and yes no matter how often you try and destash, your yarn seems to somehow replace itself, some type of glitch in the time space continuum I believe

  7. Cats always have a way of stealing the limelight!

    Funny how a stash blanket can leave you with just as much yarn as before. Have you been buying more colours to balance it out? That's what usually happens to me. I think I'm stash busting but really I'm buying. But i am a lost cause and I acknowledge that.

    Oh! Your dresser. Got a serious case of the envy's going on now.

    Have a lush weekend


  8. I don't know how I missed this post. The blanket looks amazing honey, you sure have done more than I have on mine! Wow the cafe looks so cool. We'll have to go there next time I'm down. xxxx

  9. Your ripple looks absolutely gorgeous! I know what you mean about not using up the stash, either. How does that happen? I think those half-balls of leftovers just multiply when we're not looking.

    Your rainy picnic and cafe escape sound so wonderful, too. That cafe looks perfect, and your new chair covers would fit right in there.

    Quiche, fun furniture finds, and kitty photo-bombing, too. Awesome post! Have a lovely week, my dear! :)

  10. O.k. So you have my DREAM CAR!!!!!!!! Do you love it???? I love tiny cars!!! Oh and of course I adore your ripple. The colors are heaven!! Well done!!

  11. Wow, I love the ripple blanket! It was lovely to read how you plan to take the children on an evening picnic with it, overlooking Wellington- sounds wonderful to me here in the cold dreary UK where its dark by late afternoon!
    Great dresser, and the cafe chairs are so pretty, as are you own makeovers.
    Looks like you've been veyr busy this year so far!
    Have a great weekend Leah!
    Gill xx

  12. Hi, Leah!
    I was trying to leave you a note in your latest post, but it google went crazy. So I tried here, and it seems to be working. I wantes to congatulate you on your blanket. It is so beautiful!!! I am sure you will be enjoying it for a very long long timer. You were very brave to make it so big, but it was worth the effort. Thanks for sharing!
    Ana BC

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