Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Last Day of 2011!

Wow - it's hard to believe it's almost a week since Christmas! We woke up to a stunning day - the sun was out, the birds were singing and Father Christmas had paid a visit. The small folk were beside themselves with excitement and both of them were absolutely certain that they had heard him on the roof during the night! He had snacked on the milk and biscuits and the carrots for the reindeer had gone. We have a tradition, that only started last Christmas, that the children can have icecream for breakfast on Christmas Day. Completely unhealthy but I figure once a year can't be too bad - and boy do they look forward to it. I would have absolutely loved that when I was a kid!! We then packed up the remaining pressies under the tree for the rest of the family and headed off in the car. We spent the morning with my parents, then headed another 30 mins north to visit my in-laws for lunch, then back to our place for a BBQ that night.

It was the most beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. I managed to grab a few pictures but they're not the best, as they were taken while I was leaning out the passenger window while the car was moving! This is a lovely little inlet near my parents place. I love it when the water is this calm.

And here's the other end of the inlet - it's so pretty.

The trip home in the afternoon was amazing. Oriental Parade was full of people out walking off their Christmas lunch. The beach was full of people sunbathing and swimming - it didn't seem very Christmassy but boy it looked fantastic.

You really can't beat Wellington on a good day! We were so lucky to have such wonderful weather. We sat outside and enjoyed a lovely BBQ dinner but we were all too full to manage any dessert. So on Boxing Day we had friends around for another BBQ and this time we devoured the pavlova and brandy snaps! Mmm pavlova - delish. New Year's resolution - eat less dessert!!

We have had a lovely last day of the year today, starting with a 2nd birthday party for my dear friends wee girl. Miss B is mad about Elmo so I offered to make her an Elmo cake. I think he turned out quite well - and she loved him which is the main thing. I have a wonderful video of her seeing it for the first time and leaning over him saying "cuddle"!! Talk about melt-your-heart cute!!

I have totally jinxed myself, commenting on a few blogs recently about their lovely cosy fire photos ... because now our burst of fabulous weather has changed and it's chilly, rainy and more than just a bit miserable. Perfect weather for catching up with lovely friends though, drinking tea and eating cake. Not so great for everyone who had New Year's Eve BBQs planned - oh darn. I'm more than happy to end my year watching re-runs of Miranda, finishing my ripple blanket and having a sneaky takeaway gourmet burger for dinner. It sounds perfect to me - but I think it shows that I'm getting old!!!

So roll on 2012 - I'm ready for you and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a good one.

Happy New Year to you all. Take care and I'll see you again soon.



  1. Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas indeed. And your Elmo cake turned out perfectly. I can see why Little Miss B would like to cuddle with him. Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy new year. Tammy

  3. Lovely pics, that inlet photo makes everything look so calm and quiet, we went out on Christmas day and all was quiet really unsettling, but then we do live in a very small town.

    Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas and re-runs of Miranda on ny eve and crochet would be my kind of evening.

    Happy new year!

  4. Happy new year my wonderful friend x The photos are gorgeous, and wow the Elmo cake for B is so cool. I wont remind you how hot it here tonight ;) Sorry that the weather has got a bit colder for you xx

  5. Oh wow Leah, all that sun, i haven't seen the sun for AGES, really miss it :D
    Have an absolutely fantastic New Year
    Lots of love my friend
    Karen x

  6. The Elmo cake is wonderful Leah! I think you have definately discovered another talent there. I am with you regarding New Years - a cosy one at home is by far the best kind! Happy New Year dear friend, may 2012 be filled with much joy and happiness for you and the family. Becks xxx

  7. Have a wonderful year Leah!

  8. Oh to have such warm weather right now... I have to agree about the perfect beauty of Wellington on a good day...Wow! Looks like you had great festivities and here's wishing you and your family a marvelous and memory filled 2012 xox Penelope

  9. Leah, so glad to have found your blog! You have so many things to inspire a person! I am enjoying looking around at older posts, and look forward to reading newer ones!

  10. I think your cozy fire looks wonderful, and thank you for the gorgeous photos of your beautiful city! I'm very envious. Can't wait to see your ripple, too. Might have to start another one of those myself. Oh ripple, you are so seductive. :)

  11. I´m sitting here trying to imagine, how it might be to lay on the beach on Christmas day. I guess, I can´t. :)
    I love your Elmo cake, it is soo cute! You have done a great job!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful and happy New Year!


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