Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roll on Friday!!

I was so ridiculously excited earlier in the week when two parcels were delivered! I had treated myself to some new wool which I bought through Deramores in the UK. As far as I know it's a range you can't buy here in NZ and it was a brilliant deal. They made it even easier and had put all these colours together in one Stylecraft pack. I absolutely love it and can't wait to start a project with it. The only colour I'm a bit iffy about is the pale green (top left) - it's a bit insipid but I can see how it could be used as a transitional colour between the greens and blues. I adore the raspberry colour (2nd from right on the bottom) - it's truly delicious. We have lots of beautiful wool in this country but the thing I've been struggling with is being able to find more than 10 colours in any one range that I really love and want to put together. So I think from here on in I might just have to buy from the UK - it worked out to be slightly cheaper than I usually pay for a similar sized ball here, including the postage. Fabulous!!! Thank you to Mary who had posted about her purchase which I instantly fell in love with!

The second parcel was from a New Zealand craft website I came across last week in my hunt for some bezel setting earring findings. Lots of ooohing and aaahing and several dollars later, I had placed an order for the most gorgeous jewellery bits and pieces to make things for myself and for gifts. I can show you what I made for me but the gifts will have to be kept secret just for now!!! This pendant is 30mm in diameter and I am thrilled with it. It is fairly chunky metal in antique bronze and I tell you what, the hardest thing about making it was deciding what image to pop into it! I flicked through some scrapbooking paper I had and used this reddy/pinky tree. It looks fab and when I wore it for the first time yesterday I had loads of compliments. Now I can't wait to make more!!

Here's the side on piccie, showing the thickness of the frame and the glass dome. Seriously simple and under $10 to make the entire thing including the matching chain. Brilliant!

Here is the rest of the parcel ... more pendants big and small, earrings, rings and lots of hairclips ready to decorate with gorgeous ribbon. Miss 4 will love these and they will make fab pressies for her wee friends.

My Bambina Picnic Blanket is coming along nicely. I never thought I'd enjoy making this as much as I am. It's a lovely rhythmic pattern which is pretty simple. Although in saying that, I have had to undo several rows because I haven't concentrated and discover at the very end of the row that I don't have enough stitches left. You'd think I'd learn wouldn't you but no - I've done it at least 6 times so far!

My African flower woolly blanket is also growing. I have decided that as I complete every 10 flowers, I will stop and join them together. It just seems so much easier in my mind. Otherwise I look at a giant pile of them and feel a bit daunted. This one has a bit more time on its side as I won't be using it for almost a year - it will be ready for next winter.

You might have noticed that my blog post is titled "Roll on Friday". The reason for it is that I have my gorgeous friend Kylie coming to stay with me this weekend and she flies in on Friday!! We are both well overdue for a girly weekend and I truly can't wait. We have so much planned and we won't waste one minute of it. I'm sure I'll have lots of pics to share with you in my next post. Kylie also bought some jewellery bits and bobs so there will be lots of creative action around here over the two days. We'll definitely have our hooks out too!!

Until then, I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Take care,


  1. Hi Leah
    The stylecraft is really good value for money and it washes really well too. It's the best out of all the acrylic's available here in the UK. Look forward to seeing what you make with all those lovely colours. I too love a parcel or two in the post, it's even more fun when you forget what you ordered and the surprise is doubly good :0)

    Your pendant is too sweet and it seems so reasonably priced. Have fun making up the rest of the kit. That reminds me I need to make a necklace from vintage buttons I have been collecting xox

    Wishing you a fabulous fun girly roll on friday time xox

  2. gorgeous pendant - what's the site you purchased your findings from? I'd love to get some!

  3. Sqweeeeeee I can't wait xxxxxxxx

  4. Beautiful pendant - I'd like to know the name of the sits you got the bits from too please

  5. Oops above should read " the site" not sits

  6. Silly me - I meant to add a text link with the details. The website I was talking about is - it's fabulous! Happy shopping!

  7. Wow, that necklace is beautiful- love the yarn, love the making presents

  8. Oooh, I have the wanties now! I'm in love with the yarn and the bezel pendant. Must pick your brain about sources. Enjoy your girly weekend!

  9. Have a wonderful weekend - bet you have the best time. I love using Stylecraft yarn - can't wait to see what you do with it. Loving the African Flower blanket too. you clever thing you X

  10. Lots of crafting loveliness going on in this post, i love the pendant i should think that the ideas are endless for what to use as an image inside, so i cant wait to see what other goodies you make next.
    The blankets are coming on a treat too ,and i know what you mean about losing concentration sometimes, just as you think everythings going swimmingly you notice that things just don't seem to be matching up as they should be, and then you have to unpick the thing......i think its worse if you are doing a rhythmic pattern as you go into some sort of trance wear as if you were doing a more complicated pattern with differant stitches in it you would probably be paying more attention........anyway.....lovely post Leah....take care lovely.
    Pixie x

  11. Oh Leah your blankets are coming on so nicely, i love the african flower, so pretty & you are a lucky lady with all that new yarn :D Enjoy!!!
    Lots of love Karen Xxxxx

  12. The style craft is great, I've just made a stripe with it and it's so soft and pretty....and cheap too.

    Your blankets look lovely especially the hexagon one, such pretty colours. What a great pendant kit I haven' seen one like that before, what a great idea.

    Hope you are having a great weekend with your friend!

  13. I have used style craft too. A crochet blanket which seems to be holding up well enough but I also made fingerless mitts both knitted and crochet. There was terrible fluffing and pilling on them a couple of days after making - with minimal wear. It was even fluffing up quite badly while making. I wouldn't use it again for anything to wear. I have been very disappointed with it. I don't think that any of the softer acylics wear well. The one that does feels much harsher to the touch but washes well.


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