Monday, November 14, 2011

A blast from the past!

We are well overdue for a good Spring clean so this weekend we decided to deal with the piles of boxes we have in our attic, before our ceiling collapsed under the pressure! Amongst all the junk were two boxes marked 'toys' - one from my childhood and one from my husband's. It was so lovely to open them up and discover a box full of memories. I can remember getting this Knit Magic from a relative for Christmas when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I adored it and whipped up many tubey scarves with it! I gave one to my teacher Miss Drew and she genuinely seemed to love it. In hindsight I realise she was probably just a really good actress!! I never managed to make the delightful slippers as seen on the box, maybe when Miss 4 is a bit older she can have a go at it! This was probably where my crafty obsession started.

And as for this hat, well it's interesting...

I took a quick pic of this and then hid it away again as my two would probably destroy it in seconds. I still can't quite believe that after 30+ years, this tiny plastic set is still intact. I had to pop my crochet hook in there to show you how dinky everything is. There are little books in the bookshelf that come out, the drawers open and the radiogram cabinet (not a CD player in sight!) opens too. I absolutely loved this when I was little.

And then I came to a fabulous retro bag that my nana had made for me and inside was my beloved Daisy Doll. I never wanted a Barbie, I thought Daisy was the bees knees. She's looking like she's had one wine too many in this pic but don't you love the flared pants and platform shoes. You can tell what era she is from that's for sure!

Mr 7 was beside himself when he spotted this box amongst his Dad's treasures.

He just about burst when he opened it up to find all these old cars.

And then he got to the Lego box - oh wow talk about excited. I'm guessing that after school today I'm going to be helping build a rocket to go with the moonscape base.

I have been making progress with my ripple blanket and also the African flower blanket. But I am also trying to squeeze in a few more tea cosies for presents. While the small folk were having an early dinner yesterday I sat with them and made this little cutie. It's a tiny little teapot so it only took a wee while to make this cosy. I had to giggle, Miss 4 asked me if I was making a poncho for the teapot! She's kind of right really - it does pops right over the teapot's head!

So a Teapot Poncho it is!!

How gorgeous is this little skirt I found at the op shop for Miss 4? It's very full and so very girly.

And it's reversible! She whips it off and flips it over all day depending on her mood.

Well that's enough from me. I'm off to have a cuppa and a ridiculously delicious red velvet cupcake with a crazy amount of icing on it - mmm mmm. It's not a cake you hear much about in NZ but I was keen to try it out after hearing about this flavour on lots of US tv shows. Oh wow - amazing!!!

Have a lovely week everyone. I'm hoping to catch up on visiting your lovely blogs this week after a week of not feeling too flash. See you again soon.



  1. I love your Daisy doll- she looks a bit like Edina from Ab Fab!!
    I think I may have also had a knitting machine- your pics evoked memories of some sort of wool related machine!
    And I cannot tell you how much I want a reversible skirt like that!!!!!!!!!

  2. How exciting to see your old toys, I think most of mine were given away, but my m-in-law kept lots of my hubby's......funny though as you say, after years of looking after these things my boys break things within minutes, not sure how they do it.....

    Your red velvet cake looks scrummy, what a lot of icing! I've made them a couple of times out of a nigella lawson book, actually in the same book is a grasshopper pie, have you tried that?

  3. I have three year old twins who would just love a skirt like that. Every skirt or dress is tested thoroughly for it's twirling ability and if it doesn't make the grade then it is not worn, and being reversible wow two for the price of one. What a great find.

  4. Looks like you had a real trip down memory lane!I dont remember Daisy, only Barbie and Sindy.
    Those dinky cars are brill, i can imagine your sons delight!
    Love that sweet reversible polka dot skirt - gorgeous and fun for your daughter!
    Pretty tea cosy, love the colours.
    Have never had red velvet cake before, looks yummy and sounds intruiging - i wonder where the name comes from? I always thought it was only an american thing but obviously not!
    Have a great week Leah
    Gill xx

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  6. What fantastic treasures stashed away, you must of been so excited to stumble across all that...i did the same thing a couple of weeks ago and found my old dolls and an Eeyore that my mum made when i was only about three, he even still had his button on tale, and then off course the large box off lego that was first my brother and sisters and then i inherited and then my son had it and now he is waiting to pass it onto Lily and Oscar when they are old enough not to put the bits in there mouth or stuff them into obscure places.....lovely post Leah ( as always ). Pixie x

    PS yes i did knit the little fox scarf myself and he isnt too difficult to do if you fancy giving it a go yourself...would make a nice pressy for someone :) x

  7. Oh, how fun! I had that exact Knit Magic thingy myself--I had completely forgotten it until I saw the hat on the box. Mercy, I never got around to anything but tubes, either, but it was a great little thing. I remember thinking, "Wow, I'm knitting!"

    Your little tea cozies are just so dang awesome. They make me want to put little ponchos on all my teapots, too. :)

  8. I love the toys! While you played with Daisy, I was playing with my Planet of the Apes dolls, LOL! and yes my little brother had all the matchbox cars too.

    Red Velvet Cake... Oh yes! To die for. Cheers! ~M

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