Saturday, November 5, 2011

A little sidetracked!

I got a little sidetracked this week and needed a wee break from my African flower blanket. The blanket is coming along nicely, but sometimes it's nice just to whip something up and get an instant reward. So the other night I sat and had a play around and came up with this. It's a little cutie!

I love the colours and different stitches. Nothing fancy but I really like it.

The little picot edge around the top finishes it off nicely. I just wish I could have taken a better pic of it!

So it was morning tea with delicious ginger crunch in the garden today! It was a classic windy Wellington day but our little back garden was lovely and sheltered and was the perfect warm, sunny spot for a quiet cuppa.

I think I've mentioned before that I own an old, but very sweet little car. It's a 1969 Fiat 500 which is also called a Fiat Bambina in New Zealand. It has been off the road for a while but after a bit of TLC recently, it is now on the road again and making us all smile with its lovely little engine sound and cheerful appearance. You really can't help but smile when you drive it, everything about it makes me happy. I bought this little car before I had children and it cost me the princely sum of $500 which was an absolute bargain. Over the years I have recovered the seats, re-coloured the interior panels and now I have the huge decision as to what colour the interior and exterior should be painted once the panel work is finished. I'd love to hear any suggestions!! Miss 4 wants it to be pink, surprise, surprise!

So anyway - another little project got started this week and this one is for my little car. I have been seeing lots of beautiful ripple blankets on blogs lately so thought I'd better have a go. This blanket is going to be kept on the back seat of my Bambina and will be perfect for either sitting on for Summer picnics or for wrapping around our legs on Winter drives as my car doesn't have much of a heater!!!

I'm using acrylic for this blanket as it needs to be fairly hard-wearing and be able to be thrown in the washing machine without too much worry.

It's going to be pretty big, enough for the 4 of us to laze on. I'm hoping it will use up a lot of the wool that I have in my stash (in NZ, we tend to refer to any yarn as wool even if it is acrylic - sorry for the confusion!!). I wasn't totally in love with these colours as I bought them a long time ago, but the more I look at them and imagine them in my car, they will be just perfect.

We have a fabulous craft event every few months here in Wellington which is called Craft 2.0. I went last weekend and saw so many inspiring bits and pieces - I think that's probably why I felt the urge to start a few new projects!! I treated myself to these pretty earrings. I absolutely love the wee label - it's so cute. There was also a lady selling grown up toffee apples which just couldn't be passed by. I apologise for the lack of photo - but between my dear friend Ange and me, the apple was sliced and devoured so darn quickly, there was no time to get the camera out! Who could resist a tart granny smith apple covered in melted jersey caramels, then covered in sprinkles. We convinced ourselves that it was healthy because it was mostly fruit!!!

Well that's me for another week! I am looking forward to some sunny weather over the next few days so I can spend some time in the garden which desperately needs weeding and replanting. Meanwhile I will make the most of these lovely blooms from the local vege market. This shade of pink is just gorgeous - I wish I could grow these!

Have a fabulous week everyone!!


  1. What a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it. Such a cute little car!
    Your tea cosy has inspired me to try and invent one of my own as well. I was planning to make a few for Christmas and was going to just follow a pattern but I think it might be more fun to be a bit more creative.
    We call yarn wool over here in the UK as well, I have started saying yarn but feels wrong somehow!

  2. Oh Snap! I'd been feeling the urge to start something new so I can finish it & have a result! So I actually crocheted some baby booties (the first time!!). AND I adore your Fiat! My fella had a Fiat 124 when I met him and we loved the car.... when it worked! Sometimes the ole Fiat used to go on strike for no reason!

  3. What a great hubby even stopped to look and comment as he walked past the iPad, he really liked your car, as do I, and even agreed that it would look great filled with crocheted things (this is a massive admission from him!)

    I have to get used to referring to yarn instead of wool, but it does seem a bit foreign to me and makes me feel a little pretentious actually!

    Your ripple is lovely, I made a mini one recently and so enjoyed doing it, I'm sure I'll make another!

  4. What a fantastic post! What to comment on first! Love, love, love the tea cosy, so adorable. I have been wanting to make one for a while, but my wip list is so long at the moment. My first car was one of those! It was red and I loved it so much, but I didn't have it very long then got an old style blue mini which I equally adored. The yellow is sunshiny. I would like to get a new fiat 500 in baby blue, but it would never fit us all in, so I will just have to dream!

    The blanket is awesome, you are such a busy bee......wish I had your crafting stamina at the moment!

    Have a super day my lovely!

    Vanessa xxx

  5. Where to begin? I love your tea cosy! It is a project that is on my to do list. Also love the car. I have a modern fiat 500 and adore her but they aren't quite as cute as the originals. Mine is cherry red which always cheers me up.

    I am about to write a tada post about my ripple blanket - it has been finished for a week or so but I haven't had the chance to post yet.
    Have a great weekend x

  6. Hi Leah,,wonderful post, the tea cozy is just so yummy ,i am really impressed, lots of great colours and i love all the differant stitches that you have used too....BRILLIANT....and as for the ripple blanket "I LOVE IT", i think the yarn colours are just perfect and i think its gonna look just peachy in your wee car.......which i think should be white by the way, i think it would show up all the scrummy crochet and knick knacks that your gonna fill it with......i don't drive personnally and its not because i have never had lessons, ive had about a billion but i just don't get on with it, and i know that if i could have my very own pixie car it would be a vintage morris minor.....and i would also fill it with lots of crochet thingies and i am most definatly excited for you.......bigs hugs and have a good week lovey..
    Pixie xx

  7. It sounds like you've been up to a lot of fabulousness! Love the tea cozy- such sweet colors and stitches. And the ripple? It's just perfect for a picnic blanket- I think it will love being a car blanket. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Gorgeous honey!! I can't wait for a spin in the Bambina soon. Love those earrings and oh wow I can't even begin to comment on how beautiful the tea cosy and ripple blanket look xxxx

  9. I absolutely love your teapot cozy, Leah! So darn cute! That car of yours is pretty sweet too. My vote is for RED. :)

  10. Hey Leah, so many things to ♡ in your post........the tea cosy is gorgeous. I'm a big fan of the good ole tea cosy and your is just too sweet.
    Ginger crunch, now that takes me back. My elderly, spinster aunt used to spend some of the Christmas hols with us when I was little and without fail she would whip up some ginger crunch. I liked it but wasn't a huge fan of ginger back then but have grown to enjoy it.......might have to make some for old time's sake.

    Your Fiat 500 is so cute, would you want to change the colour after having it as yellow for so long? I think it would look lovely as a cherry red but yellow as you say is so cheery and makes you smile. A crochet blanket on the back seat would be lovely.

    Love your earrings too, very sweet.......have a great week,

    Claire :}

  11. Great post Leah, everything is just pretty, cheery & sweet. Gorgeous cozy, really love it & that car of yours, boy am i green, its so darn cute!!!!!
    Have a great week
    Lots of love Karen x

  12. Great tea cosy I love it. As to that little car of yours it's just adorable I love it and think it should stay yellow it just looks like such a little buzz box i can't think of a more appropriate colour. Sounds like you had a great time at the craft fair. In Aus we too refere to all yarn as wool:) xx

  13. I love your tea cozy! I am super impressed that you made the pattern up. Gorgeous. I wish you many happy cups of tea poured from your cozy pot.

  14. Dearest Leah

    Thank you for your lovely commet on my blog, I must put you on my blogroll as I just love your gorgeous blog and as for this beautiful post it's made me smile as I love everything about it. Your Bambina is toooo cute and good for you keeping it going and in good condition. It reminds me of my Grandad's little morris minor which I loved riding in as a kid.

    Love your free style crochet tea cosy, beautiful spring colours for you in the southern hemisphere, as you can see by my chevron it's a lot darker with our autumnal colours :0)

    Thank goodness crochet is quick so I didn't mind frogging it really and am almost back on track again, second time round.

    I know what you mean about going to craft fairs, all I want to do it rush home and start creating thinking "I can make that". love the idea of your vintage needles, one day they will call you and tempt you to start knitting I hope xox Have a lovely rest of the week.

  15. Hi Leah! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me so nice words! I love your tea cozy, it is really gorgeous! Last week, we also had a craft event here, it is always a lot of fun to go there. Your new earrings are great, I would have bought them too.:)
    My little one admires your cute little car so much, he is always jumping up and down when he sees a car like yours!
    Have a great week! Barbina

  16. Oh Leah I love it ALL! Cheers! ~M

  17. Gorgeous gorgeous tea cosy! I'm planning a blanket done in a similar way, with lots of different stitches and colours :)
    Jane x

  18. I love your tea cosy! It is something I definitely want to try and make. You have inspired me!

  19. Ooooo Mrs, loveliness here, as always!
    Gorgeous teapot cosy ( I have a lovely white teapot, purchased recently, which is patiently awaiting something to keep it warm- yours is very inspiring!)
    And squeeeeee! Am in love with your diddy car! And what colour to choose? Hmmmmmmmmm, pink would be very cute (and keep miss 4 happy), but pale blue or pale sage green could be cool too. Have fun choosing!
    LOve your ripple blanket too.
    Have a super weekend!

  20. Just had another thought about your car- what about a REALLY bright green? Or orange? Or purple?

    Sorry, am really no help whatsoever!

  21. I totally know what you mean about needing a break from the larger projects in order to find some instant gratification now and again. Gives one that energetic boost to get back into the fresh, creative groove. I really enjoyed this post!

  22. Thanksnfor commenting on my blog. We (my friend Carol and I) have just started it as a way to explore and celebrate our creativity. Yours was the first non-family comment! How excitinged we were!


  23. Do you have a pattern for the tea cosy? I would love to make one just like it if you don't mind. I would be willing to pay you for the pattern. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you shortly. - Penny F


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