Monday, June 13, 2011

Stripey and Spotty Goodness!

Wow this last week has absolutely flown by! I don't feel as if I've achieved very much this week, but when I started to pop the photos on this post there were lots of lovely little things that have made me smile along the way. I made two more jar covers to join one I made a few weeks ago. I wanted to have all three sitting together for maximum cheerfulness! These lovely camellias appeared in my garden over the weekend so I had to grab these three before the wind gets to them. They are just so pretty.

I really love the rainbow gorgeousness of these little covers. Such a super simple thing to make and a brilliant way to use up little bits and pieces of wool.

And now for some spots ...

I am absolutely in love with this fabulous vintage style spotty shirt/blouse that I found at my local op shop last week for the bargain price of $6! It looks so so nice with my rolled up jeans and big sunglasses. It's just a shame that I need to cover it up with a cardi until summer gets here again.

About an hour before I bought the shirt, I had popped in to another store and found these lovely mugs. Talk about red and white spot overload! I had previously bought these mugs in pink and blue but they have just done them in red so I had to grab them. Loving the spots!

And back to the stripes ... I just realised that even my kitchen efforts today fitted into the stripey or spotty scheme of this post. Mmmm coconut ice! It's for a bake sale at Mr 6's school but I think I may need to make another batch as I have 'taste tested' more than I really needed to - ooops!

And because he is stripey too, I have to pop a progress shot of my sock monkey on too. I am only a padded nose/mouth and eyes away from being finished. Cute huh.

I was just about to end the post when I remembered that Miss 4 and I (and some lovely friends) went out for morning tea during the last week to Martha's Pantry here in Wellington. It is such a sweet little cafe and I love going there for a cup of tea and a scone. Miss 4 had a heart shaped shortbread cookie full of pink icing and the cutest fluffy which came in a tiny flowery tea cup - adorable.
Some of the lovely tea cup trios they have. All the teapots come with a knitted tea cosy too which I love. So much more exciting than a plain old silver tea pot that usually gets plonked down in front of me at other cafes.
Loads of sunhats on the wall for customers to use in the outdoor area. Pretty embroidered table cloths and lovely fresh flowers on the tables. I want to live here!!!

The counter is amazing - a huge big solid wooden bench which looks like it may have come from a haberdashery counter in a previous life. Gorgeous cakes and savouries and all the lovely cake stands up the top waiting to be used for high tea. All the ladies who work there wear gorgeous vintage looking aprons too - which seems so right in the surroundings.
Well that has been my week. I hope you've all had a fab week too and that this coming week is just as brilliant.


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous and such a pretty shade of baby pink! I'm glad you nabbed them and shared them. I don't even want that candy recipe. They look devine!

  2. Gorgeous flowers and pretty jar covers

  3. I love these jar covers, so cute!!

  4. I just have to do those jar covers someday. Yours are terrific. Great finds as well, what a feast for the eyes. Have a great day.

  5. Spots and stripes and coconut ice! :) Happy days. Love your jar covers - you can't help but smile when you see such pretty colours together!
    Jane x

  6. What a briliant idea to have sunhats on stand-by for customers if there going outside, simple ideas like that dont happen here in England, and yummy jar covers too, really pretty.
    Pixie xx

  7. Leah, just popped by your blog for the first time, it is so lovely. I'd love to have some tea and that heart shaped cookie looks soooooo good.
    Have a lovely day,

  8. What a fun new blog I have found to start my day. Off to have a peek around and see what I've been missing here. New follower for sure.

  9. what a gorgeous post. Lovely photo's of lovely things. What a treat for just before bed, it's given me enough energy to carry on catching up with blogs for a little longer.

  10. Hi, love those cute little covers, just gave you an award over at my blog

  11. Gorgeous post, love all the sweet colours & the SWEET food, that tea shop is beautiful. Your jar covers are sooo cute, will have to try some soon.
    Karen xx

  12. My goodness, I would like to live in that shop, too! Beautiful colors, in all your photos--the camellias in their lovely stripey jars are delicious!

  13. Such a pretty post with lots of pretty pics. Totally eye candy!!


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