Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Lovely Long Weekend

Yesterday was a public holiday to celebrate the Queen's Birthday so we had an extra long weekend which was fabulous. My husband took our small folk to Castlepoint for the night so I had 24 hours to fill, which I did with my gorgeous friend Ange. We managed to squeeze in an awful lot in one day too! In between shops and the local craft market, we had lunch at Nikau which is one of my most favourite spots in Wellington. The menu never disappoints and their kedgeree is so famous they now have a tea towel with the recipe on it!

Ah, the kedgeree! I am so utterly predictable, I always, always order it! It is absolutely gorgeous.

This fabulous Nikau Palm sculpture stands outside the restaurant - isn't it just amazing.

Earlier in the day I was having my morning cuppa when I came across this article in the paper. It was called "Wrapped in love" and it was about knitting and also crochet - and the fact that when you give someone a gift that you have created, it is always made and given with love. The final paragraph is about a blanket the author made for her small son and it says "I finished it just as the first cold southerlies of autumn came to town, and now when I tuck my little boy in at night, I pull this blanket up around his chin. I might leave the room then, but my love stays wrapped around him". Isn't that just so lovely! I think anyone who has ever made something like this will feel exactly the same way.There was a little bit of time left to crochet, so I made another gorgeous wee hat for a birthday gift for another little 4 year old friend. Then I made a start on some hexagons ... but I'm not sure they look good enough to make a few hundred of them! Maybe it's just the fact that I have never used white yarn before? It certainly is a very different look for me. I will carry on with a few more and join them up before I decide what to do. I really, really want to make a bed cover so hopefully I can get into the groove a bit more with them.This made me giggle so I had to grab a quick pic ... while I was at the petrol station this scooter pulled in and parked. When the rider got off, I spotted his wee dog sitting inside a fabric shopping bag which was connected somehow to the scooter. The dog was totally happy in his little bag too! The owner told me he wants to get him some goggles which was hilarious. Very cute. And speaking of giggles ... during the week I received a parcel and in it was this very, um, fetching royal wedding souvenir tea towel! I had won it in a magazine subscription draw - what a hoot. I'm sure William and Kate won't mind if I use them to cover my pikelets while I'm cooking. And last but by no means least, thank you so much to Saritha for giving me this lovely award! You have made my day. If you haven't visited her blog, you really should. It is full of lovely, bright, cheerful crochet goodness.
Have a fabulous week all!


  1. Love that quote about the handmade gift. I've thought of it often but would have never put it so beautifully in words.

  2. Hahaha the towel made me giggle. I love that Nikau sculpture, it's something I really miss about Wellington. The article is lovely - oh and your hexagons.... very cool!!

  3. Sounds like you had a great "day off"!
    Agreee with that article - handmade gifts are so special as they have been carefully made with that one person in mind - so personal.
    Am loving those little hexagons surrounded by white - i can imagine a whole blanket (or cushion cover if not sure?)of them, little bright spot of colour amidst a snowy surround - maybe try interspersing them with some plain white hexagons to offset the colour? Lots of options to play around with, what fun!
    I have recently started new crochet cushion with white and cream outer rows, with a little grey centre and pale pink around that - new colours for me too as i tend to use bright zingy ones!
    Congratulations on your award Leah!!
    have a great day!
    Gill xx

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed a great day! :) Your hexagons look gorgeous! Congrats on your award, you definitely deserve it!!! Enjoy!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Leah, the hexagons are looking just lovely, keep em goin', and the dog in the bag is just brilliant, i love things like that, a guaranteed way of putting a smile on your face.
    xx Pixie

  6. What a lovely day, my mouth watered at the thought of the kedgeree yum! The hexagons look stunning, love the colours & as for the dog in a bag, well thats def gonna keep a smile on my face all day,so cute & funny!!!!


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