Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Colourful things this week

Over the last week I have made time to sort through some of my craft bits and pieces which are currently tucked away in boxes throughout the house. I'm hoping that I can transform a corner of my spare room into a creative space with some fab shelving to put lots of colourful things on to get me inspired. So I started with something easy ... buttons. Lots of lovely buttons! I knew it was worth saving all those coffee jars - they are the perfect size to house this wee collection. The small folk have been having a great time playing with them too. One jar at a time mind you, it took long enough to sort them out the first time around - I don't want to do that again in a hurry!
Next up will be wool then fabric. Yikes - I think I might scare myself by how much of both things I have hidden away!

There have been quite a few more hexagons made, here are just a few of them as I was trying to see what they will look like joined. I was umming and aahing about whether to join them as I go - but decided against it as I like to play around with the colours once they are all complete. With my granny square blanket the whole family had their say about which square should go where - I think this will be the same! I'm still not entirely in love with these but I know the finished look will be fab. I did however spot an amazing granny square bed cover during the week (on Pixie's blog) which I think is out of the latest Mollie Makes magazine. Now I want to make one like that instead. For the first time in a long while I am experiencing project commitment issues. Time to make a decision. Aargh!

So to take my mind off crochet for a second, I turned to baking. Delicious vanilla cupcakes with very, very pink icing - yummo! I had found these cute cupcake papers while out shopping earlier that day and just had to make some as soon as I got home. They are circus themed and oh so adorable.

They made two small folk very happy when they got one for an afternoon tea treat.
And speaking of afternoon tea treats ...

I joined some fabulous girlfriends for a high tea treat on Saturday afternoon. A wonderful opportunity to dress up and get the heels out from the back of the wardrobe! We went to Hippopotamus restaurant which is part of the Museum Hotel here in Wellington. It was my first time there and it was truly gorgeous. The surroundings are colourful and playful and the food is amazing. All the waiting staff were French and the accents made the food sound even better when they talked us through the tiers of the cake stand.


The Museum Hotel is known as the art hotel and it blew me away. Every wall had something amazing on it and the darkened surroundings meant the art stood out even more. This chandelier was incredible. It's hard to see in the pic but all the strands are made of tiny glass beads/shapes. Gorgeous.

This was one of my favourite pieces - beautiful native New Zealand flora. Oh to be wealthy enough to own such gorgeous art.

I am off to visit my favourite op shop tomorrow in the hunt for treasures. So no second hand bargains to show you so far this week. However I did spot these lovely beads at a local shop a few days ago. They were only $2.50 - incredible and they look fab. The green is quite bright but didn't photograph so well. I love them! Now if I could find some red ones I would be over the moon!

I did have one naughty splurge this week. I have subscribed to Mollie Makes so that I can get a copy direct from the UK as there is no guarantee it will be stocked here in New Zealand. From what I have seen on other blogs recently - it is a fabulous mag and I absolutely can't wait to see it in real life! I just wish I'd been able to see the first two issues, oh well, I'm sure the future ones will be just as wonderful.

Thank you so much to Grateful 4 Crochet for giving me this award. It was so lovely to receive this and has made my day! If you haven't seen this lovely blog already, you should definitely take a look. I really love the way we find our way to different blogs - always fun and more than a little addictive.
Have a fabulous week!


  1. What a lovely blog- what a happy find!
    I love your crochet and those cupcakes- yummo!
    I've just got my copy of Mollie makes, but haven't quite found the right moment to have a sit down and a read yet.
    Anyhoo, am your newest follower so I don't miss out. Am off now to get a cup of tea and have a browse through your blog.
    If you have time, do pop over and see me- I love a little bit of crochet and thrifty finds too.

  2. Thanks for visiting me- and such lovely comments, it makes my day! Funny how we're doing similar projects- your jam jar covers are stripy-cute!
    Anyhoo, to follow me, there should be a button right at the top of the screen. Do you have to be signed in? Not sure. Am still a bit of a novice with all this techie stuff!

    Hope you see you again soon.

  3. Gosh, where do I start first?!!!!

    Okay..........the hexagons are gorgeous! Even if you are not quite feeling the love yet......you will when it all starts to come together! And I am with you on the blanket in Mollie Makes.....it's awesome. I seem to have blanket fever at the moment!!!!

    Love the coloured buttons in the jars.....super cute. My craft stuff is dotted throughout my house, everywhere really, no order or structure!

    The cakes look really yummy and I almost hyperventilated when I saw the cupcake cases. They are TO DIE FOR!!!!!

    The place where you had your girly get together looks beautiful. I REALLY need to get out more!

    And well done on your bloggy award! Well deserved!!!

    Have a super day!!!!

    Vanessa xxxx

    p.s Use 'pants' everyday!!!!!! ha ha

  4. So much loveliness, all in one place! I love your granny hexagons, and I wish I were sitting in that gorgeous tea room, right now. :)

  5. Lovely, lovely, post Leah, i think the hexagons look just wonderful as do the cakies, and as for that stunning restaurant, WOW, and don't you just love it when they speak french.
    Also, so glad your getting 'mollie makes', its a lovely magazine and yes' i was eyeing up that crochet blanket also, theres just not enough time in the day to do all the things we start is there? x x xPixie

  6. Leah, your hexagons and your cakes both look gorgeous! I've been dreaming about making the blanket on the "Wish you were here" page in Mollie Makes even while I'm hooking my granny stripe one! Do make one - I want more people to be making them so I can watch how theirs grow while mine does :)
    Jane x

  7. Hi Leah! those hexagons look fantastic! I love the colours! and that tea romm is wonderful! I definitely will look for a tea room like that at Auckland in my next layover! I love NZ!

  8. Love the hexagons, they are gorgeous!
    Love your blog. I'm busy sorting out our house and can't wait to get to my little creative spot / hobby room. Look forward to seeing your little corner. Have a good week. Carina x

  9. Gorgeous post hon, I love the Hexagons - I think white makes the most stunning border :) I love those cupcake wrappers and OMG I am in love with your high tea pictures. Promise me you'll take me there next time I come for a visit xxxx K

  10. I too am making a hexxy blanket, it's a labour of love and one I often put to one side and come back. I have a spare Molly Makes issue 2 that I'd be glad to send you, it doesn't have the free gift on but it's yours if you'd like it!
    Tracey x http://topcat76.blogspot.com/

  11. Hi Leah - it wouldn't be any trouble to mail the MM to you, honestly! I'll be going to town on Friday so can pop in the post office then. I'd much rather share the MM love than have it languishing on a shelf!
    You can email me via my blog
    T xx


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