Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The house is quiet ....

School went back yesterday after the summer holidays.  So after 8 weeks or so of kids running around and lots of noise, the house seems very quiet today!  Amongst all the chaos of getting ready for school, I've managed a few makes this week.  I made this wee tea cosy on Sunday night and stayed up too late finishing in - but thankfully Monday was a public holiday so being a bit tired was ok!
It was inspired by a visit to my in-laws on Sunday as their garden is amazing just now and full of colour.  So a flowery tea cosy it had to be!
It's a cutie from all angles.  I even found the perfect coloured flower button to use too. 
Darling Bella decided that while it was being blocked on a folded up towel, that it would make a perfect place to snooze.  It looked so funny - as if she was minding the cosy!!  My very own crochet bodyguard.
I came across the most amazing recipe during the week that intrigued me so I had to give it a go.  It was on a very random blog hop that I stumbled across it but I can't remember where the initial link came from!  This recipe is fairly easy to make - it just required time really, not a lot of effort.  But boy oh boy it was worth it.  I couldn't wait to have a good old taste test.
So scones were made, dear friends were invited and pear butter was sampled.  The smell was amazing even before it was tasted.  I love this scone picture - it looks as if it has a wee face and is smiling!!!  Or is it just me going mad?
I also had a go at making some earrings with some new jewellery bits and pieces I bought here.  I am absolutely thrilled with these and talk about easy to make.  The hardest bit it deciding on what image you want to pop in the middle.  I have a pile of little snips from magazines that I have started to keep.  These were from a picture of some china I love.  I lost one of my favourite pairs of earrings outside the hairdressers last week, so I'm pleased to have some new favourites to replace them.
These are another pair - using a less matchy but same style image.  Love them!  I have a few to make for friends now but once they are done I'm thinking about starting a little shop on Felt which is a gorgeous website for handmade goods.  Perhaps tea cosies and jewellery?  I love making things and it would be fabulous to sell some instead of keeping everything for myself!
Yesterday was my treasure shopping morning with Miss 4 and I was lucky to come across this stunning book.  It's a children's book written about historic periods but the story is told through 4 different dolls houses.  It is beautiful!  Each dolls house is a pop-up so you can see inside.  Then it has pages and pages of lift up secret flaps or letters in envelopes to unfold.  I can't wait to sit down and read it with my children - it's truly gorgeous and only $6.  I can't believe what a bargain this was and I'll treasure it forever.
 The front doors open and you can peek in all the windows.
 Secret notes are dotted throughout.  The images are beautiful.
Lots of tactile treats to discover.

Before I go, I just wanted to say a big welcome to my new followers!  It's great to have you here and it absolutely makes my day whenever I get a new comment.  All the lovely birthday wishes I received last week were just amazing - thank you.

Also - I have received some lovely blog awards this week from Rebecca, Barbina and Shelley.  Thank you so much ladies - they absolutely made my day!!

Have a fabulous week.  See you again soon.  I'm hoping to have some really special pics to share with you next week.



  1. Must admit I just LOVE the quiet when they all go back to school, even got to go the cinema this morning with a friend!
    Your earrings are very cute indeed, a Felt shop sounds perfect - go for it!

  2. Hi Leah! Grant put me on to your blog. He told me about your tea cosies...and I love 'em! Do you sell them? Will you sell them? Can I buy one?!! :)

  3. Hi Hon, Gorgeous tea cosy - I love it! Bella never fails to make me smile. OMG the dollshouse book is a gem - what an absolute treasure! Ah yes the bliss of peace and quiet when the kids go back to school - but dont you find that the hours when they are at school go by VERY fast! Becks xxx Oh yes and P.S. I agree with Sugar and Spice - it is time you started selling your lovely makes (I would buy them!).

  4. The tea cosy is so cute! And the earrings, wow I must get back online and buy some more supplies too. I think you should definitely do a Felt shop.

    I love, love, love that gorgeous book you found - what a great treasure!

  5. This post is an absolute treat, Leah. Your cozy is adorable, it is on my to do list as well. The earrings are so cute, too. And I love your book find. I know my little one would love that. Maybe I can search for something like it. Have a great day.

  6. Both the tea cosy and the earrings are fabolous! And the doll house book, so nice!

  7. Love that sweet tea cosy!
    Great idea to set up a little shop, the earrings are lovely!
    The dolls house book looks adorable - Im sure your duaghter loves it!
    Enjoy the lovely weather you lucky things - we're having our winter at last!

    Gill xx

  8. Oh gosh, I completely adore that teapot cozy! So pink and so colorful. You have such a lovely design sensibility. :)

  9. What a cute cosy!!! I love the 'summeriness' of it!!! And those earrings are AMAZING - you're so clever!!!

  10. Love that teapot cosy!!
    And you made earrings!!!!
    They are gorgeous!!!

  11. Oh my, that book! It looks amazing you lucky lady!

  12. You are not going mad, I thought it looked like a little pear jam moustache!

    Love the tea cosy, and I think every house should have a guard for their crochet, we have two in our house....anything soft in a horizontal position is obviously there for them.

    Love the dolls house book, how magical. I was watching a program in celebration of our Queen's diamond jubilee and they were showing a gift given from the Welsh people to the children in the royal family which was a proper stone built mini house for kids to play in, complete with china cabinets, crystal decanters....amazing, I can't imagine it migh have been to play in that.

  13. Those earrings are gorgeous Leah. I want to go get my ears pierced and make a load for myself now. And your tea cosy is gorgeous too. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I just love it when I read a blog post and get all revved up to make something new.

  14. Hi! Carol and I at TwoLuLa love to visit your blog. It is always so inspiring! We have given you the Versatile Blogger award. Please see our post at

  15. LOVE the cozy! Isn't the pear butter the best? I sent a jar to my mom and she put it on french toast, oh my.
    Terri @ knitandnosh

  16. Oh what a cute cute tea cosy for a cute cute teapot, its so happy and are all your makes luvvy, all happy and smiley, and i most definatly want a pair of those gorgeous earrings (the orla kiely ones especially), you and i should get together and open our very own shop and sell all the wonderous stuff we make........just a shame about the large expanse of ocean that divides us..but what a shop it would be...dream dream dream,,,hhaaaaah.
    Hugs Pixie

  17. Such a sweet tea cosy. I just love Bella's expression in that photo. She looks very serious about her bodyguard roll!


  18. I love how your posts always show such different things!
    LOVE the tea cosy- so sweet! I didn't realise how little it was until your cat was sat next to it. Ha ha!
    AND gorgeous earrings too.
    And that book seems familiar. I think I have something similar put away for my little girl, but it's called Annabel's house (I think) am off now to have a look...
    Lovely post, hon.


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