Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

I have been so nervous about making the birthday cake for my Dad's 70th party. Dad was a cricketer most of his life so I knew in my head exactly what I wanted it to look like. But because I'd never used fondant before, I didn't have a clue what to do. By chance I spotted a TV show during the week that showed you how to ice a cake with fondant. Phew - it gave me a bit of confidence. It was a bit of a long winded exercise but I'm so very pleased with the result, especially for a first timer. And my Dad absolutely loved it which made it all worthwhile!! 'Fondant Dad' has been sitting in a container, in bits for two weeks trying to dry a wee bit so it would be strong enough to stand up. It is very weird seeing him in pieces. I had to improvise when it came to shaping things so his cricket cap is being moulded over the back of a measuring spoon and his gloves are over some drinking straws. Miss 3 and Mr 6 kept asking if they could see Poppy - they thought it was hilarious that the little model was in bits, tucked away in a container!!

I have never posted pics of my family but this photo means so much to me. There is something pretty special about dads and daughters.

Just putting the finishing touches on once we got to the venue. I don't think it's something I'll find myself saying again in a hurry ... but I had just told my son, "I'll be with you in a sec hon, I'm just sticking Poppy's head on"!!!

So what does a very cool 70 year old get himself for his birthday? Well my cool Dad got this amazing Maori design tattoo! Each Koru* (the spirals) represents a member of our family - Dad, Mum, me and my brother. I think it's absolutely beautiful. Dad said my jaw almost hit the ground when he showed me - I was so surprised!!

* The Koru has several meanings but in this instance it is associated with nurturing so when interlocked with others, it is frequently used to represent the strength and purity of a loving relationship within a family.

Have a fab week!


  1. You did so well with the cake!! Fabulous honey x
    And your darling Dad - he's a rock star, what a very cool and meaningful family tribute xxx

  2. That is fanTAStic! Your cake looks just perfect, and your dad's arm tattoo is totally awesome. :)

  3. Holey moley you do have a very cool Dad indeed.
    I love the tattoo and the meaning behind it and I think you did a brilliant job of the cake. What a wonderful way to celebrate.

  4. What a great cake! I'm so impatient I always do them at the last minute, but your drying out clearly paid off. Brilliant! And how great is that tattoo?
    Sandra x

  5. As a one time cake fanatic I must say you did a sterling job! I've seen professional cakes on which the fondant icing wasn't nearly as smooth. Excellent work love! X x x

  6. Wow!!! In fact double wow!!!
    A very happy Birthday to your Dad for his 70th Birthday, i hope he had a wonderful celebration! What an amazing thing to do, to have that tatoo, how special!
    And "wow" to you for making such an amazing and relevant cake for him - well done, it is fantastic!!!
    Lovely photo of you and your Dad.
    Thanks for sharing all this!

    Gill xx


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