Friday, April 15, 2011

Crochet - New and Old!

Do you remember these little squares? I had these on an old post and was all set to make a fairly plain cushion out of them. I spent ages joining them together and then I just stopped. I really didn't like the way they looked so they went into the 'wait for another day' pile. So this week, I dug them out and undid all the joinings. I've now edged them in black and will re-join them to make another cushion. I've never used black along with my colours before and I have to say I love it! So now I'm on the hunt for a lovely black merino jersey that I can use to back the cushion. Fingers crossed I find one soon because I'm bursting to get this cushion completed!

Lovely little piles of grannies.

I had to buy these this week ... discovered at my local op shop for 50 cents each. Both issues are from 1974 and are in pristine condition. The fashions are hilarious and I had a really good giggle flicking through the pages. Amongst all the retro fashions are actually some lovely patterns for motifs and afghan squares which I'd love to try. In the mosaic below there is a really sweet pattern that has been used for a potholder. I thought it would make a fab cushion. The red flower motif is great too - a retro version of the Japanese Flower?

I laughed myself silly when I saw this pattern though ...

I feel sorry for any poor child in the 70's who was forced to wear this outfit! Not only were they made to wear knitted flares, but they had to wear them in bright orange! Too funny.

Here are a few shots of other pics in the magazines. As much as I adore crochet, I don't think I'll be in a hurry to whip up a full length granny square skirt!!

1. Patchwork wraparound skirt 2. Flower motif 3. String shopping bag

4. How to 'flick' your fringe perfectly 5. Granny square full length skirt!

6. 'Jewel' blanket 7. Potholder 8. Cushions 9. Mustard coloured mat

Another little bargain - again only 50 cents each - these lovely vintage Vogue patterns. I would love, love, love to make the dress on the right. I truly adore this era. Boy it takes a lot of fabric though, and my sewing skills are probably not up to it!

I promised the lovely Pixie that I would show a close up shot of the gorgeous antique crochet rug I saw at the Museum of City and Sea recently. It has a few holes here and there but it has stood the test of time pretty well really!

Here's the wee blurb that went with the exhibition display.

It was the last day of term today so for the next two weeks I will have both little people home. I must admit, I'm quite looking forward to not having to get up and make lunchboxes every morning. We have the Easter break right in the middle of the holidays too which will be nice. Lots of good family time together. However I think my opportunities to whip out my crochet hook will be few and far between. I might have to set my alarm for early in the morning so I can get up and do some while it's quiet!

Have a lovely week.


  1. Oooooh Leah, thank you, thank you, thank you, for the close up shots of that beautiful piece of crochet, i just love it. And i have to say what fantastic finds, that orange suit for a child is just another one of those things that just lifts your day, don't you think, poor child, probably scarred for life from having to model that, ha. And i love your crochet squares, the black border is really striking.. Have a lovely lovely weekend. x pixie x

  2. I'll admit, I occasionally think about making the floor-length granny skirt of my youth. I know. I'll go and hide now... ;)

  3. Love the crochet squares, very cheerful!
    The vogue patterns are so elegant!
    have a lovely easter break!
    Gill x

  4. Hi Leah!
    Thank you so much for the link for the twisted granny solution!
    Its such a simple solution isnt it - the best often are - and I will try it next time I do that type of cushion - funnily enough I prefer the back of crochet anyway, as it looks more defined and neat, so having every other row the back wont trouble me at all!
    Love the colours on the museum crochet - they are so random and natural(guess it would be using what you had)yet cheerful.
    On the same basis, and seeing your banner reminds me that I want to try a multi-coloured crochet pot or jam jar cover just using a random mix...
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for remebering me and my wonky cushion!
    Gill xx

  5. Looks great, will be a beautiful cushion! :D


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