Sunday, December 12, 2010

The joining of squares begins ...

Yay - I have finally made enough granny squares to start crocheting them together. It's been a bit of game trying to get them in the right order so I thought it easiest to lay them on a blanket then roll it up at the end of the night. When it came to joining them I unfolded the blanket on the dining table and started the crochet seams. It was so much easier having it all neat and tidy right in front of me. I think Bella has decided she quite likes this blanket as she decided to keep me company while I did it. I know - it's a bit gross having the cat on the table but I had to forgive her as she knows she's allowed to sleep wherever there's a blanket - poor thing was utterly confused! Only a few more seams to go then it's the big decision ... what sort of edging to do.


  1. Hello leah! Wow, those grannies are just gorgeous, I love the colours! i have started a few blankets but sadly do not have the staying power to finish them right now!!!
    I hardly ever meet Wellington bloggers! I saw you were at craft 2.0... I don't do all the wellington markets, but my friend cat of Phersu dancing does and I sometimes go with her or to visit her,I'm sure we;ve been at the same place at the same time at some point!
    have a very happy new years! XXX

  2. Really enjoyed reading about you.
    Love from a granny in England x


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