Friday, December 17, 2010

Feeling Festive

After a fabulous girly dinner last night we went for a drive along beautiful Oriental Parade as there was 'something' happening at No. 190. A mysterious postcard had arrived in our letterbox telling us to visit so we had to check it out. As we drove around the bay we were absolutely blown away by that 'something'. A whole house was lit up with thousands of lights - it was incredible. The colours kept changing and bursts of colour appeared above the house like fireworks. Today is the last day of school and kindy for the year so as a treat I am letting my small people stay up late tonight so we can take a drive, in their pyjamas, to look at No. 190. I think little faces will be amazed at what they are going to see!

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  1. Stunning, wow I wish I was there to see them xx


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