Friday, July 27, 2012

Giant Granny Square Blanket Ta-Da!

Yippee, I have finished my huge granny square blanket!  Every last end has been woven in and she now has pride of place on our bed.  I am absolutely in love with this blanket and every time I walk past my bedroom, I catch a glimpse of it and it makes me smile.  Poor hubby has had to get used to all the pink-ness but he agrees that it has given the room a nice cosy feel.  I started her back in January and kept working on her in between other crochet projects.   I am so proud of it, and want to remember it from every angle, so apologies for the billions of photos I am bound to use!!
She's a whopper and a little hard to get a decent photo of!  I had to perch on the dining table to get this photo.  And even then it's not the best of pics.  I didn't take the time to get it all nice and even and some of the squares look a little wonky which they aren't at all.  I used a different technique this time which has ensured the straightest squares and I am a convert.  Each round was started on the opposite side to where the last round finished, no spaces between clusters except in the corners where two spaces were used.  It worked a treat!!
 See .... look at all those lovely squares!  I joined them as I went and I love the wee stitch detail it gives.
I looks gorgeous on the bed.  Perfect for this freezing weather we've been having.  I was so excited when it was finished that I tore the new pink duvet cover out of the packet, threw it on the bed just so I could get some photos.  That's my excuse for the wrinkly pillowcases, and I'm sticking to it!!
It was touch and go whether I had enough of my favourite raspberry colour left to do the border but it worked out perfectly.  I used four rows of single crochet to keep it nice and simple.  And the border colours were based on the last four rounds of one of the squares that really caught my eye.
Yep - that looks just right to me.  I was really careful not to work into every stitch where the squares join, to avoid having a ripply border.  The yarn was Stylecraft and I had initially bought a mixed pack of this through Deramores.  I ended up having to buy another mixed pack as the colours I was mostly using didn't seem to be available in individual balls at the time.  Oh what a shame - to have all that extra yarn ...  ha ha.  36 squares in total, with 12 rounds each square.  The kids love playing 'match the squares' with it. 
 Even folded up I think it looks lovely.  
 Mmmm, gorgeous grannies - so simple but so satisfying.
It's freezing here today, so I'm thinking I might have to steal it off the bed tonight so I can snuggle under it while I watch telly. 
And it wouldn't be a photo shoot without my little crochet companion Bella.  'Oooh what's this Mum, you're trying to take a photo, well how about I just sit here and make myself comfy'.  I think she has been by my side for every one of these squares.
I know you'll be bored stiff by now, but all these photos are for my old age when my memory is flagging and I need a visual reminder!!
So now that the blanket is finished I can spend some more time playing on Pinterest.  Don't you love it when you spot something and it looks so simple and you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself?  I spotted something similar to this last week and within minutes I had my very own jar of cupcake papers.  So much prettier than the plastic container they had been stashed in inside the pantry.  This looks so bright and cheerful, I had to keep it out so I could see it.  The kids love it as they can turn it around and choose which ones we should use.

Have a fabulous week.  See you again soon.



  1. so impressive! Everything about it is lovely!!

    And Bella is a cutie - how would you feel about her being featured on Caturday? :D

  2. Ooo, gorgeous colours! Very nicely done. No need to apologise for all the pics, we love pics out here in the blogosphere. xxx

  3. Wow it looks amazing on your bed - nice and cheerful for winter.

  4. Gorgeous blanket with beautiful colors :) I love it!

  5. Oh Leah what a beautiful blanket - really spectacular. I hope you did snuggle under it last night, it would keep you so cosy x

  6. It's absolutely beautiful. We're redecorating our bedroom in the next couple of months and I've been um-ing and ah-ing, but I think you may just have convinced me to go with Granny Squares for our new blanket.

  7. hello Leah,

    Just a to think of the right word.....hang about.....IMPRESSIVE,GORGEOUS and SATISFYING....yes satisfying because I can imagine you are grinning like a Cheshire cat every time you get a glimpse of that fantastic array of colours and the satisfaction must be dripping from every pore in your body!!!!! :-)

    Keep well
    Amanda :-)
    PS: I have a giveaway on the go and its open to everyone.....pop in when you can :-)

  8. Wow Leah its absolutely beautiful, well done.
    Have a great weekend
    Karen xxxxx

  9. Wow Its so pretty Leah ,Good Job :D
    I think your really pretty i'm putting up a post this evening
    Please comment on it.
    Have a fab weekend
    Ella xx

  10. Your blanket looks really amazing. When I was taught to crochet I was taught to 'flip' my work each round to stop the slanting that you get if you don't.

    I have collected a mass of Aran weight colours that I plan to turn into a granny stripe or a vintage stripe but seeing your blanket maybe........

  11. Your blanket is stunning. I love your choice of colours; Stylecraft is my favourite too and I am really luck to have a local shop that stocks EVERY colour :) Thanks for the tip about starting each round in a different place. I am about to start a daisy blanket which is my first square-based one (Ive stuck to granny stripes until now) so I will do that when I make the squares. xxx

  12. Your giant blanket really is gorgeous hon! And Bella is such a star - she melts my heart ;-) Ohhh pinterest is so addictive. I saw the same jar of cupcake papers and have something similar - you are right, its far prettier than having them shoved in the cupboards. Becks xxx

    P.S. I have been asked (or rather it was demanded) that I make a batch of your very yummy ginger crunch this weekend, lol.

  13. Your blanket is beautiful! It made me smile too and I now want to try out a Granny Square for myself...Hope you got to enjoy snuggling under it

  14. wow !! Its gorgeous ! Love the colors !

  15. I am so jealous of people who have that "thing" for choosing AMAZING color combinations. You're certainly one of them! Beautiful blanket.

  16. That is completely beautiful! Such a lovely lovely blanket.

  17. Great blanket! I really really have to convince myself I can also do such large project! Wahhh, I want to start immediatly... Thanks for your inspiration!

  18. Phenomenal job! It's so awesome!
    How did you sew the squares together - good ol' fashion mattress st or did you hook them together?

    1. I joined as I went, making one single crochet between each cluster of the previous square. It makes a delicate join rather than a solid seam of single crochet for example. It's the first time I've done it and I love it!

  19. Wow, FABULOUS BLANKIE,,,,,,gongrats on getting it finished Leah, what an epic, do you find when you finish big blankets like this that you feel you need to get another one under way straight after, i do, theres just nothing like a great big snuggly blanket to snuggle up under if its cold, and im glad the husband liked it too, big hugs to you.
    Pixie xx

  20. Dearest Leah
    What a beautiful labour of LOVE, it's truly gorgeous and so well worth all that time and love and energy you have put into it x So beautiful and snuggly no doubt for chilly winter eves xox You should be very chuffed with yourself, well done! xox Penelope

  21. It is gorgeous! I love it with the colors of your pillows too! Beautiful :)

  22. Your blanket is stunning - I love it!
    Victoria x

  23. Leah, this is so pretty, and looks beautiful on your bed. Now I want one. I really love the pink/raspberry colors. I'm off to put my cupcake papers in a jar : )

  24. OMG...Leah...your blanket is beautiful. I don't think you could put up enough pictures for my liking. The colours just pop out. What an exquisite piece. Congrats on getting it done.

  25. Leah its so pretty I love it
    BTW i was wondering would you comment on my new post
    Ella xoxoxo

  26. It's absolutely gorgeous! The pink just sings, and I love the simple border. Perfect, in every way. I think, too, that I'm going to borrow your "no-spaces" technique on my next granny blanket, which, now that I've seen yours, is not far off! :)

  27. Hi Leah! I just got home from our holidays and saw your beautiful blanket picture in my blog list. It turned out amazing!!!! I love all that pink, it goes so well with all the other colours, really lovely! And your little Bella is the cutest cat, it must be so nice to have her company everytime you are crocheting.
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week! xxxBarbina

  28. Leah please comment on my new post its very good
    By the way the post and blog is great

  29. What a lovely blanket you made! I saw the picture in some other blog's sidebar and I was immediately drawn to it. Gorgeous!
    Now that I'm here I would love to invite you to the link party that's on my blog every Saturday and Sunday. I hope to see you there!
    Best wishes, Annemarie

  30. Hi Leah,My daughter's blog LookbookUnlimited is began broadcasting...I hope, you do support her:)))Have a nice day:))

  31. Hi Leah, your giant granny blanket is beautiful and goes perfectly on your bed. I'd like to make one but have such a hard time figuring out what colors to use. Hope all is well. Happy August ! Tammy

  32. Purty!! And what a pretty cat!!

  33. OK, now I really need to learn to crochet! Calling you for a lesson one day very soon. X

  34. Congrats for finishing your Giant Granny Blanket! She's really beautiful, and I understand you wanted to take so many pictures of her, she deserves all! Me too, took a lot of pictures to my Big Granny blanket when I did finsh her and even now almost a year after, I'm still so much in love with her that sometimes I take some new pics.

  35. What a beautiful blanket, really pretty colours. Well done for finishing it. xx

  36. Absolutely love the colours you have used in your blanket - gorgeous! Best wishes from Scotland.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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