Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Colourful Bits and Pieces

I am so happy ... a wonderful new store has recently opened and it stocks the most gorgeous fabrics and trims.  And best of all it's just 5 minutes from my home.  Stitchbird have a lovely online service, but there is something about being able to see things, to feel them and to wander around with a curtain swatch in your hand desperately trying to match up fabrics to make cushions!!  I was a bit overwhelmed - because I loved everything in there.  I couldn't walk away without buying these beautiful ribbons.  They will form part of the cushion decoration once I decide on a fabric (a seemingly impossible task given the choices!!).  
I was in a stationery shop looking at kids gift ideas when I spotted this adorable range of kids craft products.  Cheap as chips and totally gorgeous.  These buttons had to come home with me - they are the exact colours I use for my tea cosies - so now I will have ample supplies for my tea cosy fastenings.  
And speaking of tea cosies, I made yet another one over the weekend!  I have a few more teapots to make cosies for and then I will have to wait for another decent sale to purchase more teapots.  I like them to fit nicely so I can't just make a random cosy in the hope it will fit any old teapot.  
 Rainbow stripes are just what is needed on this freezing cold, rainy day!!
Crikey it sounds as if all I have done this week is shop!  But because it was Queen's Birthday weekend - all the stores had massive sales, so I took advantage of the savings.  I have been wanting this book for over a year now but it was too expensive.  So when I spotted it on Sunday for 30% off I couldn't refuse.  It was the last one in the store so I think it was meant to be!!  I love it and can't wait to have a go at some of these squares.  Here are few of my faves so far ....
I especially love this bobble pattern.  In fact, this was the clincher in making me buy the book.  I've had a go at 'inventing' a bobble stitch so it will be nice to find out how it is actually done!!

Some of them seem fairly simple and some of them send my brain into a complete and utter muddle!
I shall leave you this week with some calorie laden pics.  I completely forgot to show you these from way back at Easter time.  I had the most stunning high tea with dear friends Ange & Nicky (hi lovely girls!!) at this beautiful cafe in Petone called Sweetpea.  The cupcake cabinet was beyond belief.
 Now that's a cupcake!!  But clearly it's a healthy one because it has fruit on it!
 Very girly.  I'm loving the icing-to-cupcake ratio here.
 The light shades were made from old jars and bottles - really clever.
The high tea was filling enough, but no, there was more.  When it was time to leave, you got to choose one of those amazing cupcakes to take home.  Delicious!  I can't wait to go back there sometime soon.

I am off to pick up my crochet hook and finish my cat as part of Annaboo's CAL.  And then I really need to make more of an effort to finish my huge blanket.  It is absolutely freezing here at the moment, so a lovely big blanket on my bed is what is called for.  Not to mention the fact that working on a blanket keeps you toasty warm - just perfect!!!

Have a fabulous week all!  See you soon.


  1. Oh boy those cupcakes looks scrumptious! How fun to have such a store that sells such fun supplies near you.

  2. I would like one of those books and four of those cupcakes, thank you very much :)

  3. Hi there Leah.. oh how wonderful to have a shop like that so near to you, i would be in it all the time just absorbing all the loveliness. Oh and what a great deal on a really great book, i have this book and the third picture you have shown 'willow', is the pattern that i used for my 'woodland wrap', in fact i have been flicking through it again for inspiration..
    Thanks again my sweetness for all your comments and emails that you send me, you never fail to lift my day with your kindness.
    Take care and keep warm hon,( you need a crocheted wrap );)
    Pixie xx

  4. Wow that high tea looks amazing and the cupcakes divine! What a treat!

    How exciting to have a new shop so close by, if not a little dangerous, that book looks great, I have a knit and crochet book with different shaped motifs in it, and I've used it loads, so good for lots of projects.

    Enjoy your week!

  5. Oh would you just look at those cupcakes, never in my life have I even witnessed anyone eating a cupcake of that magnitude...........soooooooo did ya do it???????????
    Gorgeous cosy & love the book & those to die for trims
    Lots o luv Karen xxxxxx

  6. We have no decent fabric shops near where I live despite being in a large town. It is difficult to choose online isn't it, as you really need to feel things. Its cold here too even though it should be summer. I have had to light the coal fire! Lily. xxx

  7. What a lovely shop to find! I love your tea cosy so colourful. And those cupcakes - yum!

  8. I saw that shop on Friday when I was op shopping in Kilbirnie... I didn't trust myself to go in there. It just looked too amazing and dangerous for words. When I see those crochet squares in your book, I want to stop doing everything else I do and just learn to use a crochet hook. This is such a colourful post!

  9. Your high tea looks like it was quite the right and proper time for fun and fellowship! Love your new trims and am looking forward to seeing the sweet makes you create with them!

  10. You always find the sweetest-looking little cafes and bakeries--I am sooo jealous! And those embroidered ribbons are so cute they're making me ache a little. If that shop was down the road from my house I'd be in big trouble. I can't wait to see what you make with them! :)

  11. Congratulations on finding some new shops! There's nothing better than finding a place to drool in as you try not to buy everything on the shelves!
    Have fun with your new book; I like the bobble pattern.
    Delicious looking cupcakes! I can almost taste them...

  12. hi Leah
    I'm Ella Karen's daughter
    Thank you for saying i'm pretty
    I think you are too
    Please comment on my post
    Ella xxx

  13. hello Leah,
    great post! Now let me just get the cupcake revelry out of the way because its much too yummy and a definite no no for me and it hurts me to even look at it....couldn't avoid a glimpse....jeez one loves to torture oneself!!!
    I love the cosys ...colour packed and that your own pattern? I am not sure if its a good or bad thing that your haberdashery is near to you........luckily mine is a car drive away.
    Had a gander around your blog and am deeply impressed with your white blanket.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  14. Hello Leah! Please come and visit my blog, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award!
    I´m sending you lots of love! Barbina

  15. I've enjoyed your blog so much, I have a surprise for you. Check out the post for June 12 on my blog,

  16. Oh my.......I do love your beautiful colourful cosies and your new crochet book looks fab. Me and crochet have a few ongoing issues, I can now do the basic granny squares, but would love to be able to crochet some of those lovely squares in your new book. x

  17. Hi Leah, just loving your latest stripy tea cosy, so pretty!
    Those ribbons are gorgeous - it sounds a fab store, so many lovely things by the sounds of it, decisions, decisons!
    The cakes look amazing, what a great tea you must have had.
    That crochet book is a goody - i didnt recoggnise it from the cover but the title sounded familiar, and then the squares you show made me realise i have that book but with a different cover - it is the best! I love that coloured bobble block too.I am currently working on a cushion from a block in this book.
    Have a great weekend Leah!
    Gill xx

  18. Hello. I have chosen your blog for the SUNSHINE AWARD. You can find more about it in my blog: .
    [If you don't wish to receive this award, no worries. I just wanted to mention your blog, because I think it is worth visiting].
    Love your blog ♥ Ana BC

  19. That teacosy is beeeeeautiful, I love it, I think my mum defo needs one for xmas, must find the pattern (do you know where I can find it?) ... oh and those squares are divine ... I'm now dreaming of more time to crochet ...xx


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