Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A bit quiet ...

Aaah, it's lovely to be back spending some time on the computer!  I have been a bit under the weather recently but am feeling more like myself again now and bursting to get stuck into some new projects.  I have missed reading all my favourite blogs and will have to start a serious catch up!  

I know it sounds mad but I was beginning to wonder if my crochet hook had the power to change the weather .... because it seems as soon as I start a warm, woolly project when we're having freezing cold southerlies, the weather instantly improves!  On Sunday Miss 4 requested a mini version of my wristwarmers and sure enough Monday was sunny and warm.  The same goes for the woolly hats I made last week, the sun came out almost instantly.  If only that were true, I'd walk around with a ball of wool and a crochet hook constantly just to enjoy every last scrap of sunshine before the dreary weather kicks in for Winter.  Daylight savings finishes here this weekend which is always so depressing.  Dark evenings - blah!!  
So even though it is a gorgeous day, madam is wearing her wee gloves and asked me to put mine on too for the pic.  I think these look absolutely adorable in a mini size!  Miss 4 was very specific about which rainbow colours she wanted - I think she chose well.  I just made the foundation chain long enough to fit her wee wrist which was 21ch from memory with a 4mm hook and DK wool.
And a few more hats have been made, this one was a test run of a new pattern I was trying.  I love adding all these wee pretty bits to girls hats.  Boys hats are bit more limited aren't they?  I usually add my little teddy bear design (the tutorial is here) to the newborn ones to jazz them up a bit and I'm starting to play around with some stripes to make the older boys hats look a bit cooler.  Now I just have to get myself organised and pop them in my little shop.
I was hugely excited this morning when the library called to say they'd got in a book I'd requested.  I love Kirstie (and Phil too in their other series!!!) and am really, really enjoying her latest series which has been running here for a few weeks.  So I'm very eager to sit down tomorrow with a large cup of tea and read through this gorgeous book for more inspiration.

I know I should be spending all my time trying to finish my whopper blanket but sometimes you just need a little diversion.  So another tea cosy has been planned, wool chosen and pot selected.  For the first time I am going to use some darker colours and I'm really looking forward to it.  You can see from my little obsession below that rainbow colours are my usual thing!!  I will hopefully have it finished to show you next week.  I also have a story to share with you then about one of my jet-setting tea cosies!!
Well that's about it from me for now.  Miss 4 is sitting across the table from me making jewellery with paper and glittery jewels so I'm going to join her.

Have a fabulous week everyone, see you again soon.


  1. I love the teeny little rainbow wrist warmers! You are right - they look adorable :-) Having stumbled over my squares of late, I have a whole new world of appreciation for your skill hon! Oh and please keep waving your magic hook - this weather is bloomin gorgeous! Becks xxx

  2. Oh Leah, that mozaic of cosies is just divine, what a great photo set...and love the wristies, you are so good at making those, i must have a go some time, though here our spring has started and its longer days so wristy making will have to wait now till our Autumn comes round again....it always seems odd when i talk to someone else from across the globe and there having the complete opposite for seasons, one person is wearing sandles and the other is in boots.....facinating really.......anyway enough of me prattling on about global issues, good to hear your feeling better and glad too that you received the little knitting pattern from me......let me know how you get on.

    Big hugs Pixie xx

  3. How lovely to hear from you again - hope you are feeling better. What fabulous things have been flying off your hook! As for that mosaic of teapots - it woulds make a beautiful card don't you think?

  4. Her rainbow mitts are so cute. I love how she custom ordered them. It's always a must to make sure our daughters love their FOs yeah?

  5. Our weather is all over the place lately. I've got the a/c on most afternoons because it gets rather stuffy and when it is dusty can't open the doors or windows. Your wrist warmers are great, but we certainly don't need them in my corner of the world. I think I am going to crochet some teddy bears now thanks to your little pattern. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Ohhhhh, those rainbow mitts are so pretty! Miss 4 did a fantastic job choosing colors. :) Well done.

  7. Now hon, you and I do seem to like similar things:
    Rainbow colours? Yes!
    Baby hats? Yes! I'm making some right now- and yes- I'm with you on the boy's hat thing- what are you supposed to do??!!
    Tea-cosies? Yes! (mine is still on my wish list, but will be inspired by yours!)
    Gorgeous things here as always....
    ...Nearly the weekend, my lovely!

  8. Love the rainbow wrist warmers, they are fab!

    I too love Kirstie (and Phil) and have thoroughly enjoyed the recent programmes she has done, very inspiring.

    Missed you, glad you're feeling brighter! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Your creations are all so bright and cheerful! Glad you are feeling better and getting some special time in with the little ones. Happy day to you, dear!

  10. Such colourful crocheting!!! I love the rainbow wrist warmers!
    Have fun with Kirstie.....

  11. I made your little teddy bear pattern and decorated a crocheted gift bag with it. Then took the same idea but made elongated ears for a bunny rabbit. Turned out cute. And so much easier than all those other patterns I've seen out there. Hope all is well and that you are having a great weekend. Tammy

  12. Those wrist warmers and hat are lovely. You may be interested to read my second to last post on my blog if you're a Kirstie fan! X


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