Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost there!

It has been a crazy busy week here so I've not finished my blanket yet - but it's getting sooooo close. The last small square has just been added and I love how it is looking! I am absolutely bursting to get it finished now so I will make an effort to grab my hook every spare second. A few more rows of border then a picot edge to go - sounds easy but now that it is quite big, a round seems to take forever. It was the last day of school and kindy yesterday and we are now heading into two weeks of school holidays so I think my crochet opportunities are going to be few and far between until the new term starts!

This blanket has been so lovely to work on especially while the weather is still chilly. We're having weird Spring weather at the moment - really warm one week then freezing the next. Sods law says that the moment I finish this, the weather will be gorgeous and we won't need a snuggly blanket on the couch any longer!!

As always, Bella had to come and supervise the photo session! She plonked herself down right in the middle for a snooze after I took this pic - so I take it she approves of my workmanship.

I do however still have this to deal with - ugh! Never, ever again will I leave ends untied. I'm guessing it will take me a good week of evenings to get them tidied up. I will just keep telling myself how worthwhile that mundane job is!! If anyone has any great tips on tying in ends I'd love to hear them. I know everyone has their own way of doing things in crochet so I'm always interested to hear of alternatives. I generally tie a small knot when I join wool then I try and weave the ends in any which way to try and hide them before snipping ends. What sort of length do you tie in before you snip?

I did deviate from my hooks for an hour this week to have a play with some cards I had. They were boring as anything so I thought it might be nice to make them look a little more handmade. I had some gorgeous books of scrapbook paper which were screaming out to be used. I trimmed it to size and attached it to the backs and wrapped it around to cover part of the front section too. I love how they look! So until I get my cute old fashioned rubber stamp label made - these will do the trick. A quick hole-punch in the corner and some pretty ribbon and they can be attached to the work I am selling. Otherwise they are proving handy when people want to pass my details on to friends. Fingers crossed it helps get some more orders!

Have a fabulous week everyone.


  1. Your blanket looks amazing- I love the border!

  2. Oh my, the blanket is so beautiful! I'm in love with that border, so much. Even if it does turn summery the minute you weave in the last end, you can drape it over the chair arm and admire it all year long.

    I always crochet in my ends as I go on the next row--just trap it under the new stitch. And then I weave in whatever's left every time I'm done working on it. Leaving it all to the end is too discouraging. But--it probably won't take as long as you think it will! It's just beautiful, dear. Can't wait for the big Ta Dah! Enjoy your holidays. :)

  3. I totally love that blanket - the border is so brilliant and, if you don't mind an idea I totally want to steal!
    Like Kristen I try to sew in my ends as I go - I get too depressed if I leave it to the end. Enjoy snuggling under it while the weather is dodgy.

  4. Hi Leah! Oh, I LOVE how your blanket has turned out, can't wait to see it finished! The combination of giant granny and smaller squares around is great, I might try something similar for my next blanket! It will be a gift for my best friend's wedding in march - unfortunately I can't blog about the progress, because she knows my site and of course it shall be a surprise.

    Oh yes, those ends... I always leave them until the end until there are no excuses anymore - I admire anyone who's disciplined enough to weave them in before :)

  5. Beautiful blanket .....the ends I crochet and weave them together during crochet .....


  6. I am so inspired by your border that I have been considering it for my latest Granny. Just lovely.
    Sandra x

  7. Leah the blanket is amazing, i love it soooooooooooooo much. Good luck with the ends, boy do i hate that part, i usually ignore them for a few weeks then get round to doing them bit by bit :/
    Lots of love Karen x

  8. Stunning. Great border. I hate when I don't sew in my ends as I go. I kick myself every time.

  9. Lovely blanket, I like the starburst/flower border.

    I mostly sew my ends in at the end. I just want to keep adding the colours while I'm building the blanket and don't like to stop for the ends at the time. I've also found that crocheting them in as I go doesn't seem to be as secure.

  10. Your granny is gorgeous, love the colors and the border is beautiful!

  11. Oooh you win! That is one of the nicest giant grannys I've seen yet. The border is brilliant. I usually make myself weave in ends about every 5 rows so it doesn't become overwhelming.

  12. Super blanket,very nice colours!

  13. That blanket is looking just wonderful, i love how the white brings out all the other colours..looks great must be so happy with it.

    Hey, and what about the circular needle find, fancy that, now we can go round and around together.
    PIXIE x

  14. Muito bonito!
    As cores ficaram fantásticas 5*

    Um abraço dos AÇores

  15. LOVE your blanket- the idea for using little grannies to border it is fab.
    And missus, I am very much liking your handmade cards- a fab idea to use scrapbook papers (I think I've got some somewhere).
    Enjoy your weekend.
    P.S. Giveaway at mine if you fancy it!

  16. Hi Leah,thanks so much for your message over at mine,re;the hottie cover. I LOVE your blanket,its so beautiful. Enjoy your week,love

  17. Hi Leah, I left a comment here before, saying that I might try something similar for my friends wedding - my blanket is finished now, and I will write a few "making of" posts soon. I'd like to mention your giant granny as my source of inspiration - would you give me permission to post a picture of your stunning blanket on my blog? Of course I'll link back to this post! :)


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